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  1. It will be an exciting time in technology. I kind of started my career in tech with Y2K and should retire (though might be earlier) with Y2K38 when 32-bit Unix time (seconds since 1970) runs out. (Will mainly impact old stuff / low power). But the Quantum Tidal Wave will be 100x more exciting and it is coming.
  2. Any Crypto where the hashing method is published will be vulnerable. Basically give me the public key and I can reverse hash it with a 1000 Qubit Quantum Computer running Shor's algorithm to to rapidly find the private key. I guess either breaking the hashing relalionship so it is just a random relationship or use some quantum hardened algorithm will help. I think this is easier to fix with XRP than BTC.
  3. Agree it is cyclical. And I will buy back in. Longer term though I think XRP will be safer as an official security, with a revised security schema. Bitcoin remains vulnerable to DDoS and if a Government decided to take it down they easily could. Also Shors algorithm on a 1000 qubit machine will eat Bitcoin, there is a chance by 2024 BTC will be zero. Several vendors are promising such hardware by 2023!
  4. I think it is happening now, mainly due to nations banning Bitcoin in a concerted way. Gut feeling, BTC will go back down to sub $6k and XRP will trade between $0.18 and $0.25 again. There has been a wall of negative news in the last month or so, but few noticed it during the run up party. It looks like they are starting to move against Bitcoin. Turkey has just made crypto illegal: https://www.euronews.com/amp/2021/04/16/turkey-has-just-banned-the-use-of-cryptocurrencies-and-bitcoin-is-already-feeling-the-stra HSBC has banned people from dealing in Micro Strategy stock due to the firms holding of 91k BTC. https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/hsbc-bans-microstrategy-shares-citing-bitcoin-investments/ The UK had already banned Crypto Derivatives: https://www.mirror.co.uk/money/every-single-bitcoin-product-banned-22800240 India is also on the case for on outright ban: https://mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN2B60QP Ray Dalio also thinks the US is heading that way: https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/03/26/bridgewaters-ray-dalio-good-probability-government-outlaws-bitcoin.html I've just sold out my XRP as I am fairly certain the cyclical crash has started. I am sure most Crypto will drop 90%, like before , before a new run up in 2024/5. That said, it BTC not recover this time, as we should have viable Quantum computers for cracking BTC in 3 years from now. BTW, i work in the field, and Quantum Computers are real.
  5. Well I am twitchy now, going to sell and bank the profits. Then buy back after the crash. I think the USD Treasury rate will kill BTC soon.
  6. India set to ban BTC https://www.engadget.com/india-proposed-law-bans-private-cryptocurrencies-181519169.html?guccounter=1
  7. Well yeah....I had my actual shoeshine boy moment a few days ago. Got talking to a delivery driver who was delivering an actual shoeshine kit to me (a gift for someone else), anyway he started talking about Bitcoin. Add to that, today my 74 year old father started talking about Bitcoin. I think that is the Bat Signal!!!
  8. Sorry, good point, corrected in my OP. Though kinda kills the big reveal.
  9. I’m more worried now about the cross fire. The Crypto market has basically hit $1Trn, and has a Tulip / Southsea Bubble feel to it. Also, I was chatting to one of the delivery drivers that came today as he got stuck behind a tree surgeon who was working on our road. Anyway, he was telling me how he was doing really well with Crypto and Bitcoin in particular. Do you want to know what was in the parcel? https://www.herringshoes.co.uk/herring/valet-box-ii/red-walnut
  10. It can be renamed Theth_air, evolving into Thin_air overtime.
  11. It needs a catchy name, then we can make it real: - POW Climate Action Levy POW CAL - Asic Mining Mandatory Offset - AMMO - Climate Levy On POW - CLOPOW - Crypto Offset Levy on Energy - COLE ? OECD looking into tax https://www.oecd.org/tax/tax-policy/taxing-virtual-currencies-an-overview-of-tax-treatments-and-emerging-tax-policy-issues.pdf
  12. Here’s a rumour.... SEC to go after Tether...... That would kill BTC.
  13. I think BTC is heavily manipulated by Tether. Tether has nothing backing it up. If Tether were called in, a lot of exchanges would go bust.
  14. And actually it is really 3rd. The real reason being that Tether is fake and is being used to Pump BTC, whilst the underwriting value of Tether is probably just 5 Cents on the Dollar.
  15. I'd be selling BTC now and swapping weighting for XRP, it makes total sense. BTC could drop back to $3000, but the XRP floor is $0.18, and has way more upside.
  16. I did on the way down, out at $0.48 and back at $0.22, then one more trade out at $0.27 and back in at $0.23 having missed the $0.18 bottom. Good enough for a 2.5x stack and value increase. Better than sitting on BTC.
  17. I think BTC va and ETH have more downside. The prices are fake, based on being pumped up with Tether.
  18. Personally I've played the swings, and now hold 2.5x more XRP than I did before the SPARK drop. Happy with that.
  19. Well it is pretty clear that the SEC is an antique and isn't fit for purpose. I understand heads will role when Biden comes in, so if the SEC has been infiltrated, then there will be a decent clear out. Buy American buy XRP.
  20. No sure what is financially Conservative means today. Certainly it isn’t leaving cash in an interest bearing account. And probably isn’t bonds either. Probably it is a highly diversified equity portfolio. My XRP is only a small portion of my assets. Roughly 45% Property, 45% Equities, 5% Gold, 3 % Cash and 2% Crypto.
  21. I think it is well worth taking the risk. In the recent volatility a few smart trades have allowed me to grow my bag 2.5x and increase the monetary value in similar proportion. Anyway, back to the US delisting discussion....if the US wants to get left behind in the FinTech sector then I guess that is the SEC’s prerogative, but they should know that other nations (that aren’t China) like Japan and the UK are clear that XRP is a Crypto Asset. https://news.bitcoin.com/nomura-and-ripple-partner-sbi-holdings-support-xrp-reject-tokens-categorization-as-security/
  22. This would be one of the things the SEC might request. Actually this would long term double the XRP price at any given level.
  23. It is the Chinese exchanges doing this. USA (XRP) versus China (BTC/ETH) and the war is getting dirty. Has anyone checked for Beijing placemen in the SEC? They have infiltrated a lot of Western instituitions
  24. I think XRP prices right now are like the the stockmarket back in March. There is a lot of FUD, but if you look at this, it will ultimately give clarity, may result in a escrow burn, and give XRP access to both crypto exchanges at bigger markets like the CME in the US. The reason I say this, is that I've firstly spoken with a close US colleague who knows about these things and secondly I think damaging Ripple/XRP would be akin to surrendering to China with their gangster BTC.
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