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  1. I did have the offering paper. The trouble was that the value of the offering was 90% based on the value of the Escrow XRP. In many ways it was easier just to buy more XRP.
  2. I just love holding my XRP. I traded out at close to the ATH having originally bought in at $0.06, so some good profit. I then traded the down curve and increased my XRP holding before I locked back in at $1. So whilst down 75% from my peak holding, I'm still nicely up. Also XRP is faster than any other currency I know.
  3. I think the dusting attacks in BTC are meant to pull info together about more than one wallet addresses with a view to identifying large holders. I did notice a couple of my XRP accounts had been dusted in the last week. But as these are HODL accounts, I doubt they'd get much beneficial info.
  4. I'm packing gold and XRP. I ought to think them, gold backed XRP. That would be world at least $1 per XRP right now.
  5. It did, and I sold the ones I bought for $3! Not making the same error with XRP!
  6. I'm just listening to the speech live. I think he is talking a XRP. He says Libre is going to be regulated to death and must protect privacy - which Facebook can't do.
  7. Did this get missed https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.ft.com/content/d0c3079a-91c5-11e9-aea1-2b1d33ac3271
  8. I think XRP can get to the magic $589, but it will need wider use and adoption as a currency. Whilst there are BTC cashpoints etc, I don’t think BTC really cuts it, and increasingly the Lightning Network is seen as a massive failure. Eventually BTC will erode, even the current pick up in the BTC price is fake as mainly driven off fake USDT. XRP is ready to fill the gap and in practical terms works much more effectively.
  9. Yes, to be honest Tether shouldn’t set the BTC or XRP price, it should just be real Dollars doing that. Totally conceivable for Tether to decouple from the Dollar. A bigger worry for me is this sort of stuff: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-05-08/crypto-exchange-giant-binance-reports-a-hack-of-7-000-bitcoin Really if you can keep crypto off the exchanges whilst not trading, then that is a good thing.
  10. Well XRP appears in my Coinbase wallet now, but I don’t think I can exchange it or trade it. So I guess CB is just a wallet company.
  11. I am fully aware of that!!! That said, it did hit over $100k daily volume previously. The current low volume is partly down to the fact that there was a coin burn (to remove hang over from the old original BTCI which suffered an exit scam). So quite a few of the exchanges will be back online soon with the new wallet. But yes, trading even at $100k is slow andi hate the waste of converting to BTC first.
  12. That’s exacty my thought. I’ve made some great gains on small Alt coins, but when the sea is rough and the Bitcoin Titanic is sinking, it makes sense to stay on te XRP Super Yatch.
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