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  1. From 100$ to 200$ its the same from 1$ to 2 $
  2. Because blockchain is cool. Its like companys added .com to their name and their stocks went higher
  3. The market is too unpredictable to sell. Iam confident in future xrp prices and it could happen everyday.
  4. 800-pound gorilla" is an American Englishexpression for a person or organization so powerful that it can act without regard to the rights of others or the law
  5. But usage... if brad garlinghouse is right the speculation money in % will be much less then xrp usage money.
  6. Blockchains could connect over the xrp ledger like in my favorite picture ever
  7. Watch it !! And her 334$ valuation is super low estimated
  8. i have the bad feeling that at the 589$ party the cnbc woman will do kamikaze with 2 uzis in their hands and a knife between her lips
  9. Hmm maybe someone thinks sbi is going live after the maintence in 4 hours
  10. It doesnt matter if 10k or 1k or 100 if we see gains like last year comming. Its much more independant when to sell. Because people will sell when they reach "i dont have to work for the rest of my life price" but it will reach the same % gains after that again and again.
  11. Wouldnt it be faster to take a plane and fly it there ? Who pays for the btc price difference??.. I also dont trust coindesk
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