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  1. apfelbaum

    XRP, UK users and Uphold

    From 100$ to 200$ its the same from 1$ to 2 $
  2. also xrapid usage will still increase the next years
  3. apfelbaum

    Ripple : Chris Larsen at CFCon USA 2018

    what did you just say ????
  4. Because blockchain is cool. Its like companys added .com to their name and their stocks went higher
  5. apfelbaum

    Shorting or Quitting?

    The market is too unpredictable to sell. Iam confident in future xrp prices and it could happen everyday.
  6. apfelbaum

    SWELL and Central Banks

    800-pound gorilla" is an American Englishexpression for a person or organization so powerful that it can act without regard to the rights of others or the law
  7. Nobody knows. except bg123...
  8. But usage... if brad garlinghouse is right the speculation money in % will be much less then xrp usage money.
  9. Blockchains could connect over the xrp ledger like in my favorite picture ever
  10. apfelbaum

    What if XRP is security?

    she talks about it
  11. apfelbaum

    One Pay FX Commercial Add

    Its xcurrent not xrapid