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  1. I got into the habit of maintaining a spread sheet of all my stock buys/sells. I just keep this going for crypto. Plus it lets you work in different exit strategies pretty easily.
  2. I just keep trying to read all things XRP. After my initial research into the positions I have in the stock market, they are just left to appreciate for the most part. With crypto, I'm checking into it everyday. The price no longer concerns me too much since I think we've all come across a winner in the long run. If I'm right, maybe the wife can quit her job and we buy a new house. Time will tell.
  3. After I watching the CB interview, I didn’t really get the anti-XRP vibe that some people did. I also thought it was funny that he wants to call them assets now.(wonder where he got that from lol) I think it also must be killing the die hard cryptokids that the fat cats of Wall Street are basically “culturally appropriating” their precious anti-1%er coin. It would be nice to get back up to some 1.50 range though.
  4. Yeah, I hope that’s right too. I was hoping to be “sideways” through most of q1, but be in the $2-3 range through mid to end of q2. Guess there’s still time, I’ll keep my fingers crossed too.
  5. What if instead of people trying to get listed on CB, they just banded together and started their exchange. You could call it Coinbase cash.
  6. Sometimes when I’m in a hurry I just take a quick glance at total market cap to see if there have been any crazy gains. Which made me think, does anyone do TA on the total market? Is it even worth it? It should go without saying that I’m not suggesting that xrp scales 1:1 to market cap, but the higher the cap the higher we would be as well. I’m just asking out of curiosity.
  7. Yeah, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more money come in our way.
  8. I discussed my exit plan in the first zerpening, and have seen many other with similar strategies. (Small % at some value, more later, and maybe longer hodl on the rest). Let’s assume for the time being that XRP leads us all to the promised land. Would any of you look for a second crypto to invest in once this ride has ended? I’m only asking out of curiosity. I want to say I would end up sticking with the more traditional stocks. But I don’t know if I would start missing the “high” that is checking on cyrpto charts and chatting with others playing the same game.
  9. Don’t forget the Whaf, for our fallen comrades who have sold out already.
  10. Can honestly say I didn’t expect to see this kind of movement when I woke up.
  11. Yeah it was exciting in the beginning trying to read everything I could find. Once you reach the saturation point and are basically caught up with everything, its nice to just sit back and have fun with the ride.
  12. My father in law microwaves them, and believe it or not they turn out pretty good.
  13. Watching this rise to 1 was almost as good as the one in Dec. I cant wait for the nights when I'm staring at my screen trying to will it past 4.95, 9.98, 14.97, ... and so on
  14. I am hoping to see 1.05 stability through the weekend with a price tag about 1.30 this time next week. (note these are not TA, just hopeful intuition.)
  15. The other day when shaving I noticed some grays. I think it’s time to stop shaving and let my wannabe Brad beard grow in.
  16. Also, I’m liking the vibe of the last few pages. It reminds me of, dare I say it....December 12
  17. Sometimes it’s hard to believe how early we got in, given the mighty potential of this beast.
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