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  1. Breaking: Multiple sources are speculating that Brad Garlinghouse is now the President of the United States of America.
  2. "You get an XRP and you get an XRP and you get an XRP" -Oprah
  3. Does Brad's realism of the market and his views on BTC make anyone else have a lot more confidence in him in comparison to other CEO's? I'm a huge fan of his speaking abilities and his transparency he's displaying as he speaks.
  4. Magic number is when I can pay off my student loans.... So probably this time 2050 lol!!
  5. I'm almost positive all CVS's go through MG for sending money through CVS's. Not sure if it has changed over the past few years but I know about three years ago it was MG. Not sure why it'd change. That being said, CVS is somewhat of a household name in the United States so it could maybe find a way out that way.
  6. I used coinbase for a good amount of trades. ETH being sent to binance took around 10 minutes maximum for me at first. Than before they announced the slower send times the past week I put in more ETH to send to Binance and it took 20 hours. Given ETH spiked high that night I didn't care but if it went the other way that would've been bad news bears. I like coinbase but they need to input an option of a more instant cancellation if the send is taking 20+ hours.
  7. So I've been investing into the Crypto market for around a little under 30 days now. I have been in banking for 7 years and around these topics of conversation for some time now. I figured out about Ripple because one day my hockey teammate said that he made 2000 dollars off of Ethereum. That being said I did my research and did not find anything about the products offered of other cryptos being a long-term success without modification. Than I started searching product efficiency and quickly came across Ripple. Did some cost saving calculations and just broke down Ripple in my mind down t
  8. Unbelievable post, great analytics and even better read!
  9. Your not the only one! I am new to investing as well. Ironically, my first ever investment was Ripple at around 60 cents for a little over 1k shares. One piece of advice a person told me if you are trading with a lower amount of funds which in my case I started with 1000 was, "What is that 1000 dollars in the grand scheme of your life itself?" It's nothing when compared to a lifetime. So don't get too stressed, you could lose it all but if you weren't prepared from the start to lose it all than you have already made a mistake! At the end of the day, yes my underwear has been change
  10. I just looked at that as a possible reasoning but I am more so invested because of the efficiency of the product and cost effectiveness. I just figured this is a way it could translate down the work ladder but I was not sure how far it was intended to go.
  11. So, I have been watching this forum like a hawk for the past month or so now. In fact, Ripple was my first ever investment in cryptocurrency. I invested at .70. The reason being is because I had a friend make a decent amount of profits off of crypto. That being said I started to search the internet and everyday seem to learn more and more things about not only Ripple but other coins as well. I think I understand the fact that Ripples are the component to a software that is being implemented in banks. I myself was a teller/head teller for 7 years and the software portion is what caught my
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