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  1. Maybe this time next year when $589+ occurs. Was actually in a NYC restaurant but they did have Greek food on the menu. LOL
  2. Can't believe that you posed this question. Last night I had this exact conversation with the CTO of one of the 10 largest banks in the world. The Privacy concern, theirs along with their clients, is a one of the biggest factors holding them up from implementing any of the Ripple solutions. The other major factor is the integration into or overhaul of their legacy systems that have been around since the '70's. I am not technically savvy by any means however I do have a basic understanding of XRP and its ability to change the existing financial landscape. I would like to hear more technical info or pointed in the right direction so I can continue the conversation with this individual.
  3. Having been a member of the various Commodities Exchanges in NY and a member/trader of ICE I have expressed this same sentiment at various times in the forum. ICE has been very quiet since this past May. I did not & do not think that they would sit by and watch the CME, that Coin Crap exchange or any other entity reap the monetary rewards of cryptocurrency. They are very calculated and very determined when it comes to putting out a product that almost always crushes the competition. I am looking forward to see what they unveil. As a follow up to the beginning of this post I believe the following article is insightful. http://www.tradersmagazine.com/news/buyside/bringing-cryptocurrency-into-the-institutional-order-flow-118015-1.html?ET=tradersmagazine:e3963:4768835a:&st=email
  4. Any new developments regarding the meet up?
  5. Where are you from? Born & raised here but I think that in the near future you’ll be able to enjoy it again with the path Ripple & XRP are on.
  6. NYC local here! Would be great to meet up with others in the XRP Army. I’d also like to attend the more important events of Ripple’s All-Stars speaking. Do you have any information regarding this?
  7. It is only a matter of time before everyone does this. https://stocksgazette.com/2018/04/19/verge-xvg-and-ripple-xrp-big-winners-as-binance-plans-to-add-usd-to-its-trading-pairs/amp/ didn’t see this in Press area. Apologies
  8. GOD BLESS AMMERICA! I am a Big holder and Big fan of XRP compared to any other "digital asset"!! Anyone that thinks the US dollar will go away & be replaced by XRP... IS HIGHLY DELUSIONAL!!!
  9. Every company, organization, market, sports team...whatever or whomever rely on some form of HYPE or what it really is, "EXCITEMENT" regarding their progress or story or whatever message that champions their cause. I would not say that Ripple has "faked hype" or even comments in this post are individuals "faking hype". I do believe that you have people that have invested in XRP and believe in Ripple & their mission. We all come from various backgrounds. Some of us are Dr's, Dentists, Firemen, housewives, soccer moms, traders, speculators and even some here are very technically savvy! We all do not share the same expertise but we all (except for those here just to spread FUD) want XRP & Ripple to succeed. However, as we all watch the quiet market action, there are some that spend their time looking for positives that will ignite the fire and propel us out of these doldrums. Human nature dictates these actions. I could not have come to the conclusion that these were not legitimate transactions without those here with expertise to point that out. I am a big believer in KARMA. The more we all remain positive towards each other regardless of our expertise, the Greater the reward as we let KARMA propel us! (Along with all the hard work Brad, Joel, & Ripple are doing) Peace Out!
  10. Perhaps this is exactly the example of the non-bank institution @JoelKatz was alluding to in his cryptic way!
  11. Hmmmm... happen to Love soccer Mom's! They are usually feisty, say what they want with no filters, and are more pleasing on the eyes than the useless football dad's that generally know nothing but constantly like to hear the sound of their own voices! HAHAHA
  12. The best way to fight against all the FUD & misinformation being spread by those that “believe in their minds they are Influencers” is to IGNORE THEM. Ripple can be compared to the NY Yankees...Everyone Loves To Hate Them! Yet they keep building their team and strengthening their positions and go out every day to do their job professionally & WIN!! When WINNERS like Derek Jeter or Michael Jordan had ridiculous questions or false rumors thrown at them by Main Street media did they engage their nonsense or make them look like fools for even asking stupid questions. Let the morons on Twitter continue to believe their misinformation because they are talking their own position and in reality have no bearing on the success of Ripple. They are NOBODYS with 0 influence over decisions being made in board rooms that will determine the investment policies of these companies in Ripple. We as a community can be the fan base and support but realistically we should feel very confident in Ripples capabilities. We can sit back and let the PROFESSIONALS AT RIPPLE do what they are doing best...which is WINNING & in the end we will all be WINNING!
  13. Breaking story but implications are huge https://ripplenews.tech/2018/03/14/scoop-chinese-giant-tencent-ready-invest-2-billion-dollars-ripple-technology/
  14. Ripple has a long standing relation with BOE so I would assume that Ripple's ducks are in order so that compliance will propel them to the forefront of all currencies and be the model...XRP the Standard! http://www.tradersmagazine.com/news/cryptocurrencies/boe-push-for-cryptocurrency-regulation-can-boost-markets-117387-1.html?ET=tradersmagazine:e3644:4768835a:&st=email "The Bank of England is one of the world’s most influential central banks and, as such, its approach is likely to help shape the policies of others,”
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