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  1. Dean

    XRP VS BitCoin

    Don't assume that I have any knowledge around cyber currency...this is really fertile ground for me. At the same time, it's a real question. When I say fail, I suppose that could be taken any number of ways, but I am thinking in terms of the "experts" that are calling this a passing fad. Keep in mind, if I believed that, I wouldn't be investing. To communicate the point, I used the most extreme example.....Buy Bitcoin to buy XRP, Sell XRP, but the value of Bitcoin has tanked...what options might I have at that time? Just take the hit or could I exchange it for another currency before turning it back into cash?
  2. Dean

    XRP VS BitCoin

    It's not that I believe it will fail, I am trying to understand the "what-if" scenerio's behind an issue I don't understand very well. As I am sure you have seen, there are several people in the financail world that make those bold predictions that it's a passing fad and will fail. From my perspective, I wanted to understand what other options might be available to me under a worst case scenario.
  3. Dean

    XRP VS BitCoin

    What if Bitcoin were to fail completely...and XRP took off? How would I realize the value if there were no Bitcoin?
  4. I need help understanding Crypto Currencies...I purchased Bitcoin so I could purchase XRP. When I exit, do I have to exit the same way? (Sell XRP by converting to Bitcoin?) I ask because I'm trying to understand the value of XRP if BITCOIN or whatever currency was used to purchase XRP were to fail...how would XRP be worth anything if I have to exchange it for another currency that has dropped significantly or worse yet....failed and no longer exists. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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