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  1. I think I'm eligible to get some Allvor, having had xrp in a wallet by the Mar 27 deadline. I can't establish the trustline though. I'm not dying to get it, but I am curious just to solve the following problem: I have a regular (secondary) key that is the only key to that wallet. The master key was disabled and destroyed during the process of getting a custom wallet address in Toast Wallet. I could import my address into a trustline-enabled wallet, like say Gatehub, however Gatehub only associates my regular secret key with its regular (paired) address - which is empty and uninitiated. Is there a way to handle this? Or will it not work in this scenario? Again, not urgent, don't really care, but genuinely curious.
  2. I followed Sharafian's rundown on how to use the ILP testnet to play with micropayments instead of web ads: Replace Ads with Web Monetization Basically you install moneyd, get on the testnet, get assigned 10,000 pretend xrp. Then you install a Chrome extension and pay for a photo on a (somewhat humorous) sample web-monetized page. I had to install git for windows, and got as far as getting moneyd to appear to work and assign me an address. I get a lot of "deprecated" warnings though (screenshot attached). Then I installed the Chrome extension. Then when I go to that web monetized page, and nothing happens. No testnet xrp are deducted and the photos don't show when I click on them. Is there something I did wrong, or is this basically above the level of an average Windows user?
  3. I'm pretty new at this kind of thing but I'd like to learn more about how the XRP Ledger and ILP actually work, as well as how wallets work, addresses versus public keys, etc. Could I install rippled and just use it as a temporary server?
  4. I totally get you. This is the hot topic in Congress, the media, and half my social media friends list right now. Way back in the old days of social media, for instance on Livejournal, we would balk and scream at the idea of paying even $3 a month for social media access. And look what happened: advertising that led to massive lucrative data mining. If we hadn't cried like little babies about that small fee....... But back then, you'd have to pull out your credit card and laboriously enter it into some Web 1.0 website that you trust to make monthly debits, and nobody liked doing that. Nowadays we think nothing of tossing $1 here, $3 there, $8 at Netflix, for an app, or an internet service. I would definitely pay to not see ads. I would pay pocket change a month to use Facebook without invasive data tracking. They have 2.2 billion users globally, imagine if anyone in the world could pay them over ILP as easily as they go to their site over HTTP. This could revitalize the newspaper industry, I would definitely pay a handful of cents to read an occasional story in WSJ, but instead they try to get you to subscribe some large amount of money for yearly (!) access.
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