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  1. I am SO going to buy. Planning to 2X my XRP holdings at this price point. Waiting 5 - 10y sounds reasonable to me!
  2. Good high-level summary on implications: https://www.wired.com/story/ambitious-plan-behind-facebooks-cryptocurrency-libra/
  3. I agree that Whatsapp can be a key advantage for Libra, regardless of the lower (expected) TPS when compared to XRP. The use case in India itself is just massive.
  4. I presume the end-to-end cost (money/time) will massively depend on the bank’s back-end systems and infrastructure. Ripple’s license fees might actually only represent a small % on top of the remaining costs for many old-school banks.
  5. They could take Jed instead !
  6. Just make sure you change the logo or the SEC will come after you and eat your dinner!
  7. So... will you sell XRP positions and load again in a few days/weeks ?
  8. I recently did France > Singapore, it was sorted in roughly half a day as well.
  9. As the article mentions, correlation doesn’t imply causation. I’m sure the root cause is hidden way beyond our sight. We have a ~1 month delay in hearing the true details of every big news, so I guess we’ll find out in October Something similar happened with the huge payment registered weeks ago on the ledger, with the R3 hearing and agreement settling some time after.
  10. I personally would love XRP to moon without Coinbase. That being said, pride should be taken out of business decisions as much as possible; so I second any new initiative that helps liquidity. I believe that rallies like this weeks surely raised some eyebrows at CB, and if they don’t change their attitude and mid-term strategy they’re likely to shrink pretty quickly. They still have a relevant position, so Ripple would be foolish not to evaluate a potential deal with them, to either sell XRP on the exchange or potentially have XRP as base pair (why not!)
  11. I understand your frustration, but just ignore unconstructive comments, JBW... it’s just better than insulting back! Let’s not become Reddit
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