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  1. pascales

    XRP chat

    Same here
  2. Just make sure you change the logo or the SEC will come after you and eat your dinner!
  3. So... will you sell XRP positions and load again in a few days/weeks ?
  4. I recently did France > Singapore, it was sorted in roughly half a day as well.
  5. pascales

    More than a Ripple: What Pushed XRP up 100% in a Week

    As the article mentions, correlation doesn’t imply causation. I’m sure the root cause is hidden way beyond our sight. We have a ~1 month delay in hearing the true details of every big news, so I guess we’ll find out in October Something similar happened with the huge payment registered weeks ago on the ledger, with the R3 hearing and agreement settling some time after.
  6. pascales

    There Is Chance For Ripple (XRP) On Coinbase

    I personally would love XRP to moon without Coinbase. That being said, pride should be taken out of business decisions as much as possible; so I second any new initiative that helps liquidity. I believe that rallies like this weeks surely raised some eyebrows at CB, and if they don’t change their attitude and mid-term strategy they’re likely to shrink pretty quickly. They still have a relevant position, so Ripple would be foolish not to evaluate a potential deal with them, to either sell XRP on the exchange or potentially have XRP as base pair (why not!)
  7. pascales

    Is a dump incoming?

    I understand your frustration, but just ignore unconstructive comments, JBW... it’s just better than insulting back! Let’s not become Reddit
  8. pascales

    December came early

    If it goes to 0.8$ this week I’m seriously considering selling to then reload when the prices goes down - which I believe will. Personally I’d much rather prefer a steady growth instead of these massive pump and dumps.
  9. pascales

    linkedin 50 most sought after

    https://www.adweek.com/digital/linkedin-hailed-lyft-as-its-top-startup-in-2018 Here are the top 20 startups on LinkedIn for 2018: Lyft Halo Top Creamery Coinbase Noodle.ai Bird Robinhood Ripple Glossier Aurora Rubrik Puls TripActions Flexport Ellevest Outreach Samsara Argo.ai Root Insurance InVision Snowflake Computing https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/linkedin-top-startups-2018-50-most-sought-after-us-daniel-roth/
  10. pascales


    In February 2017, WhatsApp crossed 200 million monthly active users in India. As of Aug’18 you can be very conservative and project a 50-60% growth, so ~310M MAU. Its growth has been doubling in rural areas, and it’s penetration among younger sociodemo groups reportedly goes as much as 50%: https://www.livemint.com/Technology/O6DLmIibCCV5luEG9XuJWL/How-widespread-is-WhatsApps-usage-in-India.html I think generalizations in this forum should be made based upon data when available, not that much on personal experience.
  11. pascales

    Concerns about Coil data collection

    Fair enough - it’s true that most extensions currently can read urls and collect cookies. On the emails that’d require parsing the full page and not merely the url, but it’s a risk that still exists if you give full permissions to the extension. https://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/security/amp16741/browser-extension-security/ I guess the key question remains is what (detailed) data they will collect and to which purpose: BI? Advertising? Reselling...?
  12. pascales

    Concerns about Coil data collection

    Please don’t fall onto the sensationalism trap. Taking their T&C into pieces, it all resumes to: - Email address - Location data & IP - Cookies The fact that you use an email when opening an account does not give them access to your emails. The fact that you use your Facebook profile doesn’t give them all info on your friends (unless you are explicitly asked for it and give explicit consent). I think they’re being extremely conservative and went through the route of acknowledging all possible risks, instead of detailing them better (which I believe they should do). The use cases for advertising will all come from third parties that Coil could share data with - Email > uploaded to platforms such as Facebook or Google AdWords. It’s then matched to the internal emails on F/G, so they can leverage their internal IDs for as targeting. - Cookies > Similarly but using the device cookies instead (cookie-matching). It’s much harder nowadays with the raise of ad blockers and safari restrictions. Advertising companies (and platforms) still rely heavily on them. - Location data > used to refine the matches audiences. IP is also used to do probabilistic cookie matching. Coil’s revenue model is still not fully clear. If they go through the route of taking a commission per transaction (which they should), advertising shouldn’t be a focus for them, and hence most use cases they implicitly cover themselves for on their T&C shouldn’t happen in practice.