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  1. You try so hard to convince everyone and it's not your problem. Sure kid.
  2. Via existing payments systems I would presume.
  3. Can we have maybe a small moon halfway, around 130 weeks?
  4. No it's not worse. I'm quite fine with Jed selling all he can as allowed by the agreement.
  5. Because Jed sells a lower percentage relative to volume.
  6. Señor, even if Jed isn't part of our nice community. I think we should respect him as a fellow human nonetheless.
  7. People should know by now: if it looks too good to be true it is too good to be true.
  8. If you blow up the world you can reliably end XRP.
  9. I might have phrased it poorly, but what I meant to say was that certain use cases require more liquidity than for instance XRP can offer at this moment.
  10. Normally I do not agree with discord within our nice community. But with regards to CKJ, it is fair game.
  11. Yes, you can use digital assets for liquidity, to a certain level of demand.
  12. It's great news. Unless you're crying over charts all day, then I guess it can be bad.
  13. If he deletes Twitter, that removes everyone he follows. Please be more clear with the chronological order of your advice.
  14. As a nice community we like to share info and thoughts, dear Sir. Please refrain from doing un-nice things.
  15. Twitter is very unlike the nice community we have here, Sir. Twitter is a cesspool of hate and insanity. I'm glad us Sirs know better.
  16. @Finesse My financial advise to you is to buy a random crypto coin. My lawyer will contact your lawyer.
  17. Yes they're the same. Terrible all around.
  18. Okay yes that changes it a bit. I do hope people who had XRP stolen can get relief somehow, but indeed Gatehub should be the main actor in this.
  19. I understand your viewpoint, but that's the same like saying 'Why doesn't the Treasury Department or Fed help those people that had money stolen from their certified vaults?'. It also creates precedent, what will happen during a next hack? People will start to hound Ripple for reimbursements, 'because they did the same for the Gatehub hack'.
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