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  1. So everyone calmed down now? Or are we gonna cry again when J3d resumes selling XRP?
  2. I'll go away if you don't go away. Unless XRP is between $0 and $10000, in which case I will reconsider.
  3. It won't be, you can save yourself a lot of stress by not waiting this whole year.
  4. Sir to buy, sir, or to sell, sir. I can sell you for $30 right now, because we are both sirs.
  5. Kinda disappointed. I wanted to hear Rick Astley sing that great song.
  6. I don't think the IMF has any say in it anyway. It's a discussion group. It's up to individual countries and their FI's to put things into practice, and if enough FI's see RippleNet as a viable option, the IMF might create a project group for like minded FI's or provide technical support in some way. Regardless, Ripple needs to convince banks, FI's and regulators, not the IMF.
  7. Sir I don't know any of these words sir. Sec? Tweeter? Crypto? Expert? Please explain sir.
  8. Let's be honest, the French are only going for this one https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/cheesecoin/.
  9. Thanks for sharing. This is a part of global trade that people usually don’t see.
  10. The whole market is tied to bitcoin. It has the most trading pairs and the bitcoin dictators/whales manipulate every crypto market out there. It will be a long time before cryptos are judged on their merit, and not on being the first or other ideological nonsense.
  11. Sir, you should buy facebook coin, sir. Also enjoy facebookcoinchat.com, sir.
  12. That makes me want to like your posts even more.
  13. XRP will have less and less to do with Ripple the company, so comparing it to company valuations is not useful. Moreover this is a completely new asset class with massive amounts of potential, you could more easily underestimate than overestimate the future.
  14. The more is quoted, the louder the notification.
  15. So buy a miner and get one of those **** AMG's. Bitcoin is the future after all.
  16. They should read your topics, then the articles will read 'Holding until 2023, great idea or end of the world as we know it?'
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