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  1. Correct, it's the last thing you said. Every board has a few of those hanging around, very sad human beings with an empty life. They should get help, but instead waste their time on a forum where they get ignored.
  2. Yes, I'm quite sure of it. Since I myself am pretty frustrated as well. Still hodling of course. Current market conditions are noise, be it very annoying noise.
  3. XRP has to be distributed, señor. The coin was not created with the sole purpose to give you lots of profits so you can buy a sh!tty hopping lowrider or whatever the **** you wanna do.
  4. Brandt has been wrong too many times to take him seriously.
  5. Use the ignore function my friend. Don't waste your time with these kids.
  6. I don't know. But I do have a question for you: when is it EOY 2019?
  7. His posts mostly show that people need to be protected against themselves, some people simply can not act like adults and never will.
  8. The Canadian fake death guy was one. Quadribla something. Bitsane is two. Both Mt. Gox hacks were obviously an inside job. No amount of stupidity like that is possible in a human, therefore it must be malice. Probably a lot more, since nobody knows what the **** is going on at any of the exhanges now or in the past.
  9. This is going to happen indeed. Even more volatility than normal for crypto.
  10. What changed is that time has passed, with poor appreciation compared to other "crypto currencies" or "digital assets". We're all just a bit tired I guess. But this too will pass.
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