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  1. Well that's understandable. There is a lot more money in stonks nowadays. Biotech, vaccines, government backed companies, meme stonks like Tesla and Nikola. That's where you wanna be, not in crypto.
  2. I think we're gonna need another one of them crypto manias.
  3. Bitcoin still very much tied to stocks, seems to be rallying on the Fed decision to further prop up the markets. No safe haven in sight.
  4. It's pure gambling, nothing more. People still think to get easy money with these financial bubbles and central banks are happy to oblige the risk sentiment. We seem to be at a peak gambling in general in crypto and other markets with lots of leverage being used on the buy side. Until it ends of course, it only matters how much damage the CBs are willing to do to future generations for short term gains. So far they don't seem to have limits.
  5. This is happening so often with bitcoin, it seems people just accept the blatant manipulation of a few large players. Doesn't help that there is a fuckload of leveraged positions in the market which beg to be rekt by the people with deep pockets.
  6. Bitcoin moving opposite of stocks in the past weeks. Either bitcoin is ahead of the curve again like in February or something else changed.
  7. Sadly Hong Kong is infected by the CCP virus. Cant really trust it anymore.
  8. Well regardless of current price action, bitcoin has a great chance of proving itself in the coming years when all other assets are being turned to shit by central bank policy and government fiscal policy. It's a decent gamble, I will keep my random assortment of top 10 crypto coins for the time being.
  9. Exchanges will try to FOMO the **** out of everything, including this. After the halving something else will be the focal point so we can move the goal post. In the end it's simple supply and demand. How many people will require bitcoin to survive when great depression #2 is in full swing? It seems the mining of bitcoin will be fine, Chinese miners are SAFU to speak in crypto terms. And the big players are still well equipped to move the market however they want, but it always needs new blood. I think a lot will depend on whether real investors (not crypto related) will start seeing bitcoin as a safe haven. You'd have to be okay with your assets doubling and halving every now and then, so it's not for everyone. But Bitcoin moves with US stocks, not with gold. So either it is or isn't a place to park your money while everything else is dying. I'll leave that conclusion to you.
  10. How does anyone still believe anything on those retarded crypto websites? No, Miguel has not left. Until somebody who actually knows about it can prove otherwise.
  11. Hahaha I love crypto journalism, never seen such a bunch of useless clowns. In the dictionary entry for 'retardation', crypto journalism should be mentioned as a prime example.
  12. Sure change the subject. Ripple is using their holdings to promote the network, bitcoin whales don't, and satoshi might or might not depending on his mood. Bitcoin miners extract millions of value from the network every year to pay electricity companies, while they can barely support the laughably low number of transactions. And oh how sad Ripple must be that they don't get the support from basement dwelling twitter trolls who make up the main part of the "crypto community". They will miss their $10 monthly crypto purchases dearly. Banks don't touch crypto currencies, they don't touch Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision, Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Diamond. That's obviously because Ripple is holding so much XRP. Wanna change the subject again?
  13. 5% is enough to kill all trust in bitcoin. Ripple and founders not spreading a majority of XRP in early stages is a smart move. We can clearly see how bitcoin is centralized both in mining capacity and coin holdings where the big players interests are not aligned with long term health of the network, except maybe the odd bitcoin zealot who believes in the project. Decentralization doesn't just happen magically. Of course Ripple's strategy is far from perfect and there are a billion obstacles. Any plan comes with an inevitable gamble.
  14. The bitcoin creator holds more than 5% of all bitcoins, and nobody knows who he is/they are or what he/she/they intend to do with those holdings. Why the **** would anyone trust a fundamentally flawed network whose creator we don't even know, which is highly centralized in China where the dictatorship holds full power over every and all economic activity including bitcoin mining? Bitcoin is not secure, it's not suitable for transactions, it's not transparent, it's not a store of value. You want to talk about crazy, talk about bitcoin. We know exactly who the XRP creators are, and even more so, the sales of Jed are predictable and laid out in contract. Eventually those holdings will be spread throughout the ecosystem.
  15. Oh great, Danny can buy XRP with his daddy's money instead of pissing it away in poker.
  16. Yes you may be right. But I do believe that those schemes are more plentiful when we are in a strong bull market, like the period before 2000, before 2008 or before 2020. You will also find that gambling does not increase during recessions. Casinos are hit hard, especially now, but they were as well in the previous recessions.
  17. Maybe, but it could also be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If enough people in crypto accept that the halvening should bump prices, then they will buy accordingly. And if bitcoin moves, XRP moves along, given that most liquidity in crypto markets moves through bitcoin. But that wont happen IMO. I don't have to pull up data to convince anyone here that the world economy is getting ****** with these lockdowns. Everyone is getting out of risky assets and crypto is one of the most risky assets. But of course there is always a small chance that crypto goes crazy because it is crazy, though it seems unlikely that people will FOMO into crypto when they lose their jobs, lose income and have to deal with considerable uncertainty.
  18. Let's also not forget that the bitcoin network is secured by Chinese miners. And like every economic activity in China, it exists 100% at the mercy of the leadership. The future of bitcoin is dire, even with the very vocal support of zealous early adopters. Crypto as a whole will suffer, XRP of course too, but Proof of Work is as good as dead.
  19. Nope. I think the halvening 'tradition' will be broken in a negative way.
  20. No, there might be a few cases where crypto gains against other assets, but in general it follows the herd. Be it with more pronounced swings.
  21. Interest among the retail investors is probably at an all time low and will most likely get even lower as crypto continues to bleed. I'd also understand if FIs have other concerns at the moment while every asset is getting pounded. But eventually this shit passes and some cryptos survive. Who knows which survive is anyone's guess. However, the importance of the digital economy has increased a lot while people are forced to stay at home, while cashless payments have become preferred due to virus-related risks. The internet of value is happening no matter what, pandemic or no pandemic. If we are lucky XRP will be an important part of it.
  22. Yes it's much better now. Kids like @AlexJohanson, @Zerpinazerp and @Staigera took over the playground. They appear to be raised very well, don't they. Anyway, set your buy orders at 0.00589. Before the virus ends the world, of course.
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