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  1. That sucks big time mate. Wish I had some advice but I have none.
  2. Every kind of DeFi coin whichever way the wind is blowing or the few coins with actual large scale utility right now (can count 'em one hand).
  3. Supposedly gone unless he made preparations in case he were to be incapacitated.
  4. I'm not sure yet, I guess a lot will hang on the latest legal troubles and Ripple's trajectory through this all.
  5. I assume, then, that this lawsuit will be dropped on Jan 20th. Or does Chrissy need to cough up more $$$ to make this inconvenience go away.
  6. Very nice. Just coincidentally announced during the same time of bytkoin making new highs.
  7. Very possible with USD hyperinflation and all the MMT beliebers nowadays.
  8. Answer: you see price and volume increasing and the longer that happens the more sure you are and also the more late you are.
  9. He probably missed the beginning of the bubble, that always sucks.
  10. Well that's understandable. There is a lot more money in stonks nowadays. Biotech, vaccines, government backed companies, meme stonks like Tesla and Nikola. That's where you wanna be, not in crypto.
  11. I think we're gonna need another one of them crypto manias.
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