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  1. At twenty to four in the morning, I had intended on watching some p@&n to help me get back to sleep. After that pic, I’m all good now. Nite.
  2. Braver man than I. I wish you well, but this close to Swell it could go pear shaped.
  3. My apologies...Next time I list the date I will certainly remember to cater to the minority’s, as it appears everyone in blue uses the day/month/year format.
  4. Is actually directly from the SBIVC website, under News Topics.
  5. So SBIVC is doing an upgrade on the morning of the 1/9, the first day of Japanese summer. Anything to be read into this?
  6. Huobi has an increase to 40% volume only a day or two ago and the price was dropping. Now they are 23% and the price is up. Don’t know what is really happening, but something is certainly up.
  7. So the XRP burn rate has gone rather large? Are we to read anything into this? SBI? Coincidence?
  8. Remembering the Dec ‘17 rush, I honestly believe that with most XRP investors choosing to go long, that were there enough markets to cater for it the price would now be higher and the decoupling may have already begun. Are there now enough markets to cater for the next rush?
  9. Could this be related to XRP possibly coming out of Beta today?
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