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  1. Powder888

    XRP Burn Rate

    Huobi has an increase to 40% volume only a day or two ago and the price was dropping. Now they are 23% and the price is up. Don’t know what is really happening, but something is certainly up.
  2. Powder888

    XRP Burn Rate

    So the XRP burn rate has gone rather large? Are we to read anything into this? SBI? Coincidence?
  3. Remembering the Dec ‘17 rush, I honestly believe that with most XRP investors choosing to go long, that were there enough markets to cater for it the price would now be higher and the decoupling may have already begun. Are there now enough markets to cater for the next rush?
  4. Powder888

    Current stable version has changed to Rippled 1.0.1

    Nothing gets past you mate... well, maybe humour.
  5. Powder888

    Current stable version has changed to Rippled 1.0.1

    What is the TypeError?
  6. Could this be related to XRP possibly coming out of Beta today?
  7. Powder888

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    Could you perhaps clarify? As mentioned, are you implying XPR might come out of Beta today?
  8. Powder888

    J.P. Morgan Chase

    Ripple related? Apologies if already a discussion point.
  9. Because it is often a sign that something is just around the corner, something that will spike the price, and these people somehow believe that we will all run to our computers and sell everything we have and be grateful for their petty advice. FUD must be paying less these days but, because getting more than a sentence of nonsense out of these idiots is hard lately. Sad thing is but, they often do get to shake weak hands and create weak sales. Me, I just hold, smile and enjoy their antics not as anything bad but simply that they want the price down as they know what is just around the corner.
  10. So aside from BG123, the rumours that he/she is on XRPChat, that this date will create “moon” (a term I am slightly becoming irritated by myself), or wait was it that date, 14 June, nodes completed... ...it never seems to end. Sometimes I even question whether some apparent pro-active members have the best interests of Ripple with them. Are we just a fish tank with our own little whales playing with us. Is there a bigger, more sinister picture at play? Or am I overthinking the whole thing and need to get some sleep. So, about the 14th...my thoughts...I am personally over the idea of ANYTHING creating an instant “moon”. I shall sit, wait and watch as a company grows not on the speculation of people who I simply don’t know, let alone trust, but I shall observe it grow based on my own set of beliefs in what I feel is a better solution to a (for lack of a better term) real-world problem. And if it all go pear shaped? Only invested what I was prepared to lose. It seems that before all this I did have some common sense, regular sleep and a life less dedicated to nicknames and prophesy. Sleep now.
  11. If my wife didn’t already believe that the stack we got in the first week of December was more than enough, I would be spending EVERY cent we have on it and be living on bread and water. Still, when moon happens, it should be enough. Convincing her otherwise after the January retrace though would be nigh on impossible unfortunately.
  12. Powder888

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    Second that motion. Please fill us in on what could be HUGE?