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  1. As long as you keep your eyes on Ripple as a company, you're good. Extreme dips and losses? Bummer. But did anything fundamentally change for Ripple? Or is it just crypto volatility due to it still being an enfant that ***** his pants every time it tries to fart? Exactly. No wonder most people run away. It stinks. I would be concerned when troubling news evolves around Ripple that has a severe impact on the company and thus the token XRP. Otherwise, HODL. NO matter what.
  2. I have also experienced great dips since the ATH. But to be honest, it did never bother me. Even when 'calculating' what the staggering amount was in €. The loss felt just as 'digital' as the gains were on the ATH. As long as nothing is sold, nothing is set and done. Neither your profit or loss. So couldn't be bothered since we all know it's just crypto volatility. I believe so many people just don't have the ability to think as clear. That makes us - on xrpchat - worthwhile of our zerps and gains! We have made these decisions ourselves. Here's to the HODL'ers!
  3. Good job on your software. I'd say: Pretty bullish.
  4. Been there. It's harsh seeing it all vanish but in the end, nothing changed for Ripple in a negative sense so I did: nothing. I did buy some more at certain stages of the dip. I can say "HODL till forever" but it's real money. So I must be realistic. For me, a price of €10 means a very high amount of money. So selling 10% is for sure what I will do then. Not more then that though. That's the benefit of investing a lot at a low price (<0.20). I can afford to only sell 10% and already have a big profit at that price mark. Would I sell a small portion before 10 (say 7-8) ? I don't know (certainty is always tested when the moment is there).
  5. I am also 100% XRP. Have been since August 2017. Why bother with other coins? Like RegalChicken once said: If you diversify your portfolio, it only shows that you don't truly believe in the coin and want to spread your risk. Why bother investing anything at all? I feel the same way. It's either all in or not. IF I dare to invest xxx amount, why not xxxxxx also? I firmly believe so and believe in Ripple as a company.
  6. I follow your posts for many months on end and have always acknowledged it all as almost factual, well thought out stuff. But this one? Isn't this too bullish for you Chicken? Or do you sincerely believe this?
  7. I woke up to the dramatic sale this morning. Normally I am not so itchy about SALE, but the offering was amazing. I managed to snatch 8105 XRP more at 0,59€ each. So that was great. Feel good about it now.
  8. Woah. This is very intense. I HODL a huge stack of XRP which accumulated since August last year. Average buying price $0.28. I am very temped to buy more and sell that portion when we hit $1.50 again. Do we expect dropping a few cents more?
  9. I just already bought so much more the last few days when price was dropping that I don't have fiat left to buy. But what if it drops to like €0.30-€0.40. I NEED MORE FIAT TO BUY MOAARRRR!
  10. You're not very consistent yeah. This quote was only 2 hours ago lol
  11. Since XRP has proven it can go as high as it did on 4th of January, I'd sure be buying all I can when it goes to <0.5 haha. Already have a significant amount of € spend and stash of zerps but that would just be an amazing opportunity .
  12. All these people that act like the crypto world is coming to an end. Please, zoom out a little. If people knew what we know, man. It's baffling how 'stupid' people are. "Oh my gawd. It's dropping. I'm losing money!. Goddamit, exchange. Let me sell!". Haha, its hilarious.
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