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    JoelQuinn reacted to BANKXRP in Inside RIPPLE Headquarters With Cointelegraph   
    Inside RIPPLE Headquarters With Cointelegraph
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    JoelQuinn reacted to TinyRick in XRP Chat Millionaires (Paper & Real!)   
    I had the moon/lambo mentality during the first run up, thank god I didn't cash out. This 90%+ dip almost forced me into learning about how I can truly manage wealth when the time comes that I do cash out. All these fancy watches, exotic cars, huge houses.. none of that **** matters anymore. What matters now is growing my wealth in a fairly low-risk way, diversifying and almost never letting money go to waste.
    Clear all debts & remove any payment obligations right away. Invest & Diversify (P2P Lending, Mutual/Index Funds, Well Timed Crypto Investments, and otherwise). 24 Months Rainy day fund in savings. Live off of a % of the earned interest as a "salary". I just want to live humbly with peace of mind knowing that I can go anywhere & do anything and my future generations can too. A lot of people are going to become millionaires quickly, and a lot of those people are going to go broke even quicker. 
    A lot of wise people say that when you come into sudden wealth, to let it sit for a while till the excitement wears off. 3-6+ months if needed. Otherwise, having a plan in place and not getting overly excited over the possibility of owning inanimate objects as some void-filling bringer of happiness. Because I've learned the hard way, things don't make you happy, freedom does. And money can you give you the type of freedom that not much else can. Knowing how to hold/grow that money will only bring about a longevity of freedom.
    I don't care if this fits this post or not, because I just had to say it  
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    JoelQuinn reacted to Hodlezerper in XRP Chat Millionaires (Paper & Real!)   
    For those who have no experience trading securities, equities, stocks, bonds, or anything at all, it's really easy to sit around and multiply your stash with whatever the market price could be. Sometimes it spikes up like crazy sometimes it dives. Point is, you need to be asking yourself how much are you netting. How much are you paying the government, the cost to get it out, opportunity cost, what are you doing with the money once it's gone. Can you even afford what you bought (if some crazy amount). 
    For instance, you could easily buy a house cash that you can't afford to live, use, maintain, or pay taxes on. 
    There's a reason people who win the lotto consistently go broke. 
    The point is, money isn't easy. It doesn't solve all problems. It changes, alters, creates, and multiples problems. 
    Remember, you can't take it with you. Do work on yourself before you imagine yourself purchasing a lifestyle you may know nothing about or can't afford. 
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    JoelQuinn got a reaction from WillGetThere in Polysign website up: Ripple co-founder Arthur Britto is Founder/Pres, VP Product was Ripple's first product manager, David Schwartz is board member   
    @lucky duck. I was intrigued awhile back when I came across this fact - as members still active here had met him in person.  It's been good for the imagination, reminding me of old, wild west sketched wanted posters drafted from public accounts. Do we have a criminal sketch artist in the crowd that can pool the accounts of those early members to draft a sketch of Arthur? It cracks me up. A technological mastermind and renowned futurist without a digital picture. Perfect.  
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    JoelQuinn reacted to lucky in Polysign website up: Ripple co-founder Arthur Britto is Founder/Pres, VP Product was Ripple's first product manager, David Schwartz is board member   
    YES!!! Another move on the chess board!!! I was waiting for this one. Lovely.
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    JoelQuinn reacted to lucky in November is the month   
    The jet of this fanboy is cooled and fueled. Something is brewing, I think it will be served in just a few weeks.
    Digital assets are very useful for the cross border payments usecase. XRP is the fastest, cheapest and most secure asset for that usecase, and can be distributed wholesale to banks.
    The only way forward for Swift, is towards more interoperability and accessability. ILP is the answer. You don't need to wait for official announcements to know in which direction the train is moving.
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    JoelQuinn reacted to Tehol_Beddict in Moneynetint And Ripple Presents: International Money Transfer Without An Intermediary Bank Involvement   
    Moneynetint, UK based electronic e-money institution which provides cross-border money transfers and currency exchange for corporate clients around the world, announced that it had completed the integration phase with Ripple, which offers blockchain solutions for payments.
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    JoelQuinn reacted to DreXRP in Viamericas is using Xrapid   
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    JoelQuinn reacted to BruceWhale in Viamericas is using Xrapid   
    Viamerica and others !
    page 12 : https://ripple.com/files/on_demand_liquidity.pdf
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    JoelQuinn reacted to OzAlphaWolf in Why #FasterPayments are good for #XRP Has Dilip Rao just given a clear signal that a SWIFT GPI integration with xRapid is on the cards?   
    I have this conversation I want to post just to annoy the holy **** out of the uptight. But I don't know if I can do it and protect my source so I'll just say instead.
    This is going to be epic. Sorry, but it is.
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    JoelQuinn reacted to lll_lll in We will see some magic from Omni very soon   
    Here is some news from another xPring partnership. In long run,  xPring initiatives will be way more valuable than any other thing for the value of XRP.
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    JoelQuinn reacted to automatic in Former Ripple employee, Nilesh Dusane (VP of Global Sales): "Ripple is also fully compatible with SWIFT"   
    I liked this portion:  "XRP is a digital asset used both to prevent denial-of-service attacks and as a bridge between fiat currencies."
    That positioning right there is why banks will have no issues with using xRapid and xrp;  this statement makes it clear that xrp is not some random asset created just for sh1ts-and-giggles.  Instead, it is an integral part of the overall payment network that as such has been specifically designed to act as a fiat bridge while also securing the network.
    To anyone outside of the tech sector, it is honestly hard to emphasize how powerful this statement is.  Damn.  That should have been plastered all over the boards two years ago.
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    JoelQuinn reacted to Moretto in Santander goes live with SWIFT gpi   
    These types of replies are what make me wonder if you guys are actually doing legitimate research on everything as well as reading what was actually just posted. Swift GPI has not been "launched out of the blue." It's been around since last year, and they don't SETTLE transactions instantly or even close to it, so I'm not sure where you're getting that information at either. "Nearly half of gpi payments are credited within 30 minutes, many within seconds – and almost 100% within 24 hours." GPI can't even credit more than half of their payments, let alone settle them instantly. If GPI ends up pushing the pace for faster payments, then what's left? It turns to everyone wanting instant SETTLEMENT, which GPI is not capable of. They're still using correspondent banking, and they're still dealing with Nostro/Vostro locked up liquidity no matter how they frame it. If anything this is better for Ripple/XRP's main use case.
    As far as the whole Santander thing, if you missed SWELL earlier this month, then I suggest you go back and watch Ed Metzger talk. Santander isn't moving away from Ripple and they sure as hell aren't moving away from One pay, in which they just rolled out with massive success. They're expanding it's use.
    TLDR; Do your research and stop overreacting to every article that comes out or every negative post that people make. 
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    JoelQuinn reacted to tulo in Get Paid Interest For Holding XRP on Uphold   
    5% a year to lock my XRP and risk it on an exchange...no thanks!
    5% a month...let's talk about it  
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    JoelQuinn reacted to KarmaCoverage in Uphold to make big announcement on Oct 9th   
    This smells a lot like what I was guessing at with this May 2017 write up after PayChan was introduced. Although in this case, it seems that Uphold's depositors, not Ripple as I had guessed,  are the creditors (earning 5%) and with the borrowers (paying 9%) Uphold makes a clean 4% spread. That is good business, especially if the underlying is appreciating at a solid clip. 
    This looks like classic sell the CD for 5% and sell the loan for 9% banking business to me. 
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    JoelQuinn reacted to panmores in Central Banks and Distributed Ledger Technologies   
    For those who have no time to watch:
    The European Central Bank's position is outlined, and no, the ECB didn't yet test and work with Ripple.
    First the joke: "As a central bank we're not looking at decentralized services..."
    So for liquidity management, why does DLT matter? Is a new technology out there that's better than what we have?
    Big players like central banks cannot rely on technology that's still nascent. For central bankers DLT needs to be more established.
    At the moment DLT is not a possibility for central banks.
    For now, the ECB is doing experimental work with Corda, Hyperledger, Ethereum.
    There's also a cooperation with the Bank of Japan. They don't yet plan to replace anything that exists, but central bankers want to understand DLT.
    Overall conclusion: DLT looks resilient and not too bad.
    And they discovered something new. With atomic cross-chain swaps there are new ways to, for instance, cash and securities transfers. So far they operated completely separated from each other.
    That's about the infrastructure, now about the crypto assets:
    Main concern for central banks is the definition. Is it currency? Is it money?
    Concerns about regulation and also high volatility.
    Concludes the speaker, the ECB's Dirk Bullmann:
    As long as the size of the market and links to the market are relatively small, there is no impact of DLT.
    There are links developing, such as Bitcoin futures and larger trading desks, but at this stage still relatively small.
    Nevertheless, we' are very much interested in this new technology, Bullmann concludes.
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