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  1. Great Blog post! Happy to see you getting so much love on Twitter! Well written!
  2. I've been wondering why it has gone through for me and not others I know personally, even. I was wondering if it may be related to an individuals particular bank.
  3. What I'm saying is that recently the coin purchase became instant in so far as I can do with them as I please before the transfer of funds actually settles with my bank. Where as before it was like you described. I was at the mercy of the market while I waited 5-7 days before I actually had a coin amount in my wallet to move around.
  4. I've been using Coinbase lately because they recently gave me instant access to purchases via ACH check straight from my savings account. I'm not sure how many people this applies to, some people I know don't seem to have the access.
  5. For sure. It's not his job to investigate the potential of companies. He does TA, I research my investment and its potentials.
  6. A lot of people call him cocky and pessimistic and all that, which is fine...and I can see where they are coming from. However, he sticks to the fundamentals. It seems as though people overlook this by the way he fluffs his presentations. I feel like the TA space was desperate for someone with any kind of personality what so ever. He can be a bit dramatic, but I think that's what attracts so many of his followers. Personally, once I set all the fluff aside, it's one of the few TA's I consult with any kind of seriousness.
  7. BTC breaking out of the bearish downward channel for the first time since its ATH.
  8. I managed to live off of it in style for a couple years in my earlier twenties. It also allowed me to put tidy sums from my day job into savings, which coincidentally helped fund some of my Zerp family. Life's funny.
  9. 32 here. Already have a car. Maybe I'll hire a driver to take me to a cabin in the woods near the mountains.
  10. We spoke with @Hodor7777 to learn why he's such a believer in: https://ripple.com/insights/fan-friday-qa-with-hodor/
  11. The House committee on Science, Space, and Technology's hearing on blockchain seems to be off to a wonderful start. Very positive so far!
  12. http://fortune.com/2018/02/13/ripple-bitcoin-banks-brad-garlinghouse/ "Despite the perception that high-flying startup Ripple is either a blockchain or cryptocurrency company, CEO Brad Garlinghouse believes it’s something simpler and not merely a business trying to latch onto the latest tech buzzwords. “We are a payments company,” Garlinghouse said on stage Tuesday at a Goldman Sachs (gs) technology conference in San Francisco."
  13. "Paytm's and even Paypal's of the world..." you heard correctly! He's got a great framework to hit on key points as they associate with Ripple, XRP, and their mission. I can't complain with him adding that we'll eventually moon.... But we all already know that!
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