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  1. It feels as though I could fly to San Fransisco and go to Ripple head-quarters to get the news faster than I can on the internet.
  2. Then once XRP is on Coinbase, investors have all the news, and Swift is toppled, "When will the price go down so we can get more lower priced Zerps?!"
  3. Great over-arching point. It's just hard for me to believe there isn't anything going on behind the scenes between them - for or against. There is lots of money on the line for both parties.
  4. I'm not sure a company of Ripples caliber would like to be associated with the legal, haphazard web Coinbase has spun for itself, especially while continuing to make real world partnerships with central banks and industry leaders. Business deals for new tech can be fragile, taking on any guilt by association may not be the best liability at the moment. Anyway, everything will come out in the wash.
  5. it a pre-mined koin. An immaculate conception. Xrp hodl trinity. Bradly, joel cat, liquidity. Amen.
  6. fomo for brain. winning token chip coin for party at lake. boats.
  7. Not yetted mooned, so 2,145,531.70345678 potcoin for frito chip but moon soon and all the dirotos for mansion
  8. I doesnt need rippled spins. all my bitgold in potscoin.
  9. @RegalChickenbankrs maybe leaving banks to make own coin to moon send ?more banks ]gone yea. wut bank coin usefulness
  10. wut do u think ripplecash go up with fork Jed coin ?
  11. Always a pleasure! Thank you for your contributions.
  12. Maybe SBI VC is further delayed in order to get all these new players in on the game.
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