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  1. I'm clawing for a similar reality from a primordial mud laced with snake oil. Lot's of takes on the drama: Nothing short of pure entertainment.
  2. It’s always been a bit of a red flag for me how emotional and reactive Hugo has been in public discourse (particularly on social media, and specifically in the face of pointed critique). I didn’t quite know what to make of it, but now I can’t help but think that the temperament could be making its way into the decision making process. At the end of the day, it’s just another one in crypto. As Kurt Vonnegut would say, “So it goes.”
  3. Gone are the days where a post by @mars75 would illicit pages upon pages of discussion. Irregardless, another comprehensive and well constructed case for a future the world is on the cusp of realizing. I've appreciated your contributions since I was a lurker in the early days. Cheers.
  4. Ripple is miles ahead in a new industry/paradigm marathon. Marcus sitting somewhere beyond the starting line, smiling knowingly, when the rest of the panel is talking about when use cases might begin in the space.
  5. Thanks @tarand @KarmaCoverage. I always appreciate your knowledge, questions and diligence.
  6. @lucky duck. I was intrigued awhile back when I came across this fact - as members still active here had met him in person. It's been good for the imagination, reminding me of old, wild west sketched wanted posters drafted from public accounts. Do we have a criminal sketch artist in the crowd that can pool the accounts of those early members to draft a sketch of Arthur? It cracks me up. A technological mastermind and renowned futurist without a digital picture. Perfect.
  7. Here we go. https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-highlights-record-year-xrapid-now-commercially-available/ "RippleNet is now providing on-demand liquidity to financial institutions for cross-border payments using the digital asset XRP. xRapid, the Ripple product powering these transactions, is commercially available and moving into production with multiple customers, including MercuryFX, Cuallix and Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union."
  8. They have 60% of the 100 billion supply. In this case, imagine what 10k XRP a month means in relationship to that. They've employed a high caliber tech lobbying firm for a fair amount of USD and XRP pocket change. Considering what's at stake, that seems like a bargain to me. Moving beyond that, aside from what's burned of it in every transaction, I haven't seen them "dispose" of any XRP. Ripple only puts it to work for them, and others- which is a cherry that looks good on top. But I digress. Pump and dump.
  9. https://ripple.com/insights/siam-commercial-bank-pioneers-ripplenets-multi-hop-feature/ "...Starting today, Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) will be the first financial institution on RippleNet to pioneer a key feature called “multi-hop”, which allows them to settle frictionless payments on behalf of other financial institutions on the network. This eliminates the need for a direct one-to-one connection (or bilateral relationship) between financial institutions to settle a payment. Using multi-hop, SCB will be able to receive and forward on a payment without a bilateral relationship between the originator and beneficiary institutions..."
  10. https://kleinjohnson.com/ Ripple and Co. always going with top notch talent. I'm happy to see the crew teaming up to make D.C. work for them. Thanks @BANKXRP.
  11. I've been following Ripple Temenos connection since I got into XRP. This is a Gem @lu_stgm96. Thanks for posting. I'm excited to see what the announcement turns out to be.
  12. Yeah, the way he presented his point was funny, but a great point nonetheless. Beyond that, this has been the best event on this topic at this level I've seen yet. Looking forward to the rest.
  13. It was nice to see him incorporate the energy consumption bit, and practical comparisons of what that looks like. XRP uses the energy it takes to power a small Californian town of 150 people versus a small country for Bitcoin.
  14. https://ripple.com/insights/realizing-the-internet-of-value-through-ripplenet/
  15. The real kicker is that Bitcoin created XRP.
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