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  1. This. IMO the frustration is around the "When" component. We have stated the "How" and "What" over and over...
  2. Wrote a future TL;DR . So a second try. Basically look up the definitions for a security and a currency. The US SEC has painted themselves into a corner by announcing that Bitcoin and ETH are not securities. Compare those to the other 2000 and what is the difference when it comes to mining, pre-mined then gifted", or how they are used as intermediaries in exchanges for goods or services? Nothing. I speculate that the SEC is being asked to protect the "big boys" this time around so there isn't another dot.com era where banks and investors lost $B or was it $T (crazy money was being thrown around)??? So what do they do now? Kick the can down the road an hope some other country takes the lead (if the SEC keeps taking a pass). In the end I don't think coins/tokens/currencies that have real utility are to worry. I think the governments are after the scams than anything but their challenge is how to distinguish the good from the bad? IMO, they can't and shouldn't.
  3. Thank you for the link, I was unaware. Interesting but this bill is really about defining what a digital currency is, so the wording will be critical as it relates to the Howey Test. The taxation and 2 other bills would be interesting reads as well.
  4. These are getting old. All May implies is the SEC will *supposedly* make a decision at that time (security or not). I have my doubts this will really drive any immediate price movement. The right decision could open the door to banks using XRP, but that just means they *start* their investigation and due diligence. So the real movement would be, what, 6-9 months after?? Typically the market has the prevailing decision baked into the current price as they have contacts and resources that the retail market has little access. If this is an insider that is trying to help the XRP community, then they need to change tactics. This method is dead and ineffective. The thread volume here proves it, just like in the markets, no volume = no interest.
  5. Well I am still one that thinks institutional investment will be good long term...it just has not happened. The delay in the US government putting any regulations in or even making a freaking decision on current cases/investigations is what has kept them out IMO. With nefarious groups manipulating pricing they are not about to come in the market. Unlike private investors that may only put what they can afford to loose, institutional investors have bosses and clients to answer to. Reputation and results, on a quarterly basis, matter.
  6. Just sharing this as it shows who is buying crypto (geographically) who is centralized and who is not, etc. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4213050-cryptoassets-eating-world?ifp=0
  7. Money is tightening up across the globe, so it will take institutional money to move price. Volume is a better indicator for XRP health (price). BTC has mind share and may stick around longer than anyone believes. Most news and investors are crypto weary. For all the crypto hype and 1000s of coins, there are few successes based on value to businesses and institutions. Making money of speculation and day trading (minute trading for crypto) is a risky business. I state all of this to basically say BTC does not have to go down or up for XRP to finally realize its potential. Real use cases that prove savings to real business will do more for XRP value than anything else. In the meantime, if BTC spikes, enjoy riding the wake, but expect the wake to pull you under if BTC falls. XRP does not have enough real business volume to decouple right now IMO.
  8. Agree. I have just set alerts and then ignore it - best way to handle the constant fluctuation. Weird how you can obsess over 2 and 3 cent swings...while other investments have $20 swings over a similar time frame and you don;t think twice...
  9. This. I was expecting it to be from the 80's but it is only from 2014!
  10. I think most of the people that got in very early will have exited by $3-$5. New money will come in at those levels and a 15%-20% profit is now measured in $ and not cents (US). Yes, it will still be volatile (look at BTC) but just knowing it had been at $10 and dropped to $3 will keep many in the game. Once the professionals get into crypto, they will LOVE the big swings.
  11. Agree. There are always three factors for any investment. 1)Individual success/failure (value), 2)Sector sentiment (the coupling if you will), and where the sector is in the general business cycle(overall cyclic position). Granted not sure how #3 will play out for crypto due to the distributed global nature...but the health of any countries economy will influence buy/sell triggers in the traditional fashion...
  12. @Chewiecoin ignore that poster today. Sounds like frustration got the best of them and everyone needs to vent at some point. I like your posts and think you present a more 'moderate' approach than many.
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