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  1. Thanks for this explanation @Benchmark Do you see Chainlink being a competitor in the mix here? I was on their site and it stated they work with SWIFT but just trying to understand how that DA fits in and if it is trying to solve or can solve the same problem XRP does.
  2. It's all about the hehehehehe's. Cringeworthy
  3. I am not a mod in there but I do know the W word is not allowed. The word cunting is. i can get you a list of allowed words ...and it’s not just XRP fanboys. You might give new members the wrong idea. I’m a CasinoCoin and BikiniCoin fanboy.
  4. I think it was that you used a banned word.
  5. Mods can we merge some of these topics. I seriously don’t understand how every piece of news is always greeted with panic. This is not bad news folks. This is just another signal blockchain / crypto is here to stay. Good news for the market and not a move that takes anything away from XRP. Just an internal tool for their own efficiency savings.
  6. For the correct answer ask a polar bear. I agree, this is good news for the market. @ecent is spot on here. This is just another signal that blockchain is here to stay. This is not a piece of any pie being taken away from Ripple. This is somebody jumping in and joining the party pretty publicly. This however will be more of an internal tool to realize efficiencies in their own settlements as opposed to cross border
  7. Seems to leverage their own ERC20 coin in addition to XRPL ledger? Not understanding the mechanics here.
  8. I agree. The interview yesterday was quite a revelation where he said "with their warchest, who is David". They are on the back foot IMHO and are now realizing the only way forward is to play ball with those that are shaping the future.....
  9. If you need the cash for other things - understood. ILP / blockchain is where we are headed and Ripple have a huge headstart... competition is fine, but there is not just one winner and so many avenues of integration. I don't see the volumes / price being the same, but I just have a longer outlook that I am comfortable with. I started an early web company in 1994 sold it in 2002 for sizable sum.... Just like the early days of the Internet - patience is key. The whole sector is still in it's embryonic stages IMHO. just my opinion - but I understand those who would sell too. All depends on comfort level of your investment choices.
  10. Having this type of an outlook can get you in trouble. They owe you nothing. I know what you are meaning though but they are doing what they need to do and according to the timeline and strategy they all agree to be best. A lot of smart minds are in this team. No fingers in the air, guys working in their boxers XVG style. Have faith.... but if you feel they need need to do things for the community or for anyone invested in XRP - I would head over and buy stocks. 99.9% of crypto is a gamble. You chose to invest in the 0.1%. It just needs time. I'm not worried if we stay at this level for another 2 years. Where we are in 4 or 5 years is what I am excited about.
  11. Exactly. Couldn’t have said it better
  12. I thought this was a pretty good explanation, at least a reasonable one for me. I also think his comment about one stop shop and listing as many DAs as possible being a driving force was a positive one. Many here hate Coinbase and get all too emotional about them not listing XRP. I think there may be some tensions on the corporate level between Ripple and CB from things in the past, but all I know is it will get listed eventually. From a business perspective they can’t ignore it. Also, you can’t deny that it would add a lot in terms of accessibility / liquidity. Even if it’s 2020 when it happens it is a move I’m hoping to see materialize, but not expecting soon or banking on in the near term.
  13. Welcome @Marc_Royale Once you've been here a little while and posted some.... then hit up @Chewiecoin and ask to get in the Zerpenng. Seems you, like me, are very bullish on XRP. Our unpronouncable friend is a worry wart and a merchant of doom. He posted one good GIF once so I think there is a little tiny spec of happiness trapped in there trying to get out. Good to have you here!!
  14. Try to retrace your steps. Where did you last have the bitcoin? Can you remember what you were wearing?
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