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  1. I'm 3 years in and at this point I feel like a buddhist monk. You've got 100% the correct attitude.
  2. I just mean from a pure practical mathematical standpoint. The Top 100 XRP accounts right now account for 38 billion of the 50 billion non-escrow XRP in circulation. If Bank A wants to send $1,000,000 to Bank B they would need 3.215 million XRP at the current $0.32 price. Presumably they'd have much more in reserves (even if they just buy XRP at the time of transfer you still need that much XRP from somewhere) but I'll round up conservatively and say a bank will hold about 5 million XRP. 100 banks holding 5 million XRP would account for 500 million XRP. 500 million/38 billion =~1.3%
  3. Say you have 50 billion XRP circulating. A bank wants to move $250,000. Peanuts for any bank (let alone MANY). At the current price you'd need 781,250 xrp to do that. There's no situation in which the price does not go up and past the ATH. At $50 per XRP you'd need 20,000 XRP to move $1,000,000. Even that feels like way too much. I've never been more confident in any decision I've ever made. We're on the right team.
  4. This couldn't be less true. Is this based on anything? I don't see anything other than Ripple and XRP gaining ground slowly but surely every single day.
  5. Increased my position today. It's like free money. Today will seem so crazy when we're in the ~$50 range.
  6. haha oh no I didn't mean you! I just meant what it must feel like for noobies watching the price tank.
  7. I'm so glad I got into this 3 years ago. I can see how hard this is for the noobies haha
  8. Posted this elsewhere but I think it's important. Regardless of the reasons, the path is never as easy as 1:1
  9. What's the general consensus on this bull run as opposed to 2017? Is it similar? Are we trending towards doing the same thing but higher? It took about 10 days and for BTC to hit $17,000 before XRP exploded in 2017. Why didn't it move until then?
  10. Is it just me or is it really difficult to find price predictions on Google or anywhere these days? It seemed like every auto-generated news source was trying to pump prices with wild predictions in 2017. I feel like I don't see that content much anymore. Not a comment on the validity of any crypto news ever, just an observation. Has there been a community wide consensus on the max possible price of XRP? I'll search now but I am interested in what thoughts are on price potential in the stream of things as they are now.
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