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  1. BlueCollarHedgeFund

    Hello! I'm the 'Head of Community' @ Ripple :-)

    Hello Welcome!
  2. BlueCollarHedgeFund

    Upward trend

    Yeah he is def a price action trader and only that. Which isn't a bad thing just don't expect him to go too deeply into use case or anything like that but for the shorter term def cool that he sees potential..I wonder what his price target is.
  3. BlueCollarHedgeFund

    Upward trend

    Lol how do you think I got to chat with him. He direct messaged me to thank me for defending him against some trolls. We had a few things in common so chatted a while. But yes the ignorance of those folks on there is mind blowing..he takes it in stride though.
  4. BlueCollarHedgeFund

    Upward trend

    Peter Brandt is the man a Technical Analysis OG even way before I was alive. Had the pleasure of speaking with him directly online once..great guy. I am glad he has begun to watch some alt coins he used to only watch BC.
  5. BlueCollarHedgeFund

    The End of Crypto’s Wild West?

    Lol true. If one were that determined where there's a will there's a way!
  6. BlueCollarHedgeFund

    The End of Crypto’s Wild West?

    Yes excellent article but this was the only point i didnt understand from @Hodor . As I have stated before the banning of credit cards for purchase is a common thing in mature markets. I would assume that many folks on here would know that you cant in the vast majority of brokerages buy stock with a credit card. I was actually surprised when I bought crypto for the first time coming from standard Stocks/Fiat currency trading that credit cards were even an option. Its not OUR money its in fact the banks money hence the fact that you do have to you know...pay it back..... So they can restrict it as they please.
  7. BlueCollarHedgeFund

    Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

    Yeah Crypto especially now falls solidly in the "Risk Off" category.
  8. I'm not sure I understand why some on here think this is a bad thing. Try funding a stock brokerage account with a credit card...you can't. The stock market is a mature market..you are just seeing the maturation of crypto right now. Its still a young arena folks..things like this that show its maturing is good.
  9. BlueCollarHedgeFund

    History Repeats Itself

    Lol yes Ecclesiastes 1:9..but I didnt know King Solomon was referenced? But if so you taught me something new!
  10. This looks like a stalwart group of holders in this thread so i can say this without scaring anyone...but I predict $0.50 to $0.60 in this drop...that looks like the strongest support to me. I will definitely be buying down there if it does reach that level.
  11. BlueCollarHedgeFund

    History Repeats Itself

    I recant..i think you maybe correct on his intentions. My mistake.
  12. BlueCollarHedgeFund

    History Repeats Itself

    I think your being a bit unfair to the OP. I dont think he was saying "this is the end" it was a simple comparison to a previous time and previous asset..his point is history does rhyme at times. I think that what he is trying to point out is that these rapid run ups do occur and have occurred before but if we hold we will eventually see the fruits of our patience. XRP will rise above all the others in due time...the OP was just encouraging everyone to hold..theres nothing new under the sun.. things will bounce back.
  13. I think he sounds like a hurt kid..open the thread back up i say who cares if it went off topic sometimes I quite enjoyed that thread. Who is the creator of this site overall?
  14. BlueCollarHedgeFund

    My biggest issue with XRP price

    Depends on your investment time horizon. If you are talking short term you certainly do have a problem since your right Bitcoin/XRP correlation is very high but if you are talking longer term than you just have to wait for this correlation to break because it 100% will do so eventually even if God forbid XRP tanked and Bitcoin continued on..at some point the correlation will break but hopefully in the reverse of what I just mentioned. So I think your concerns are a mute point in the long term. All correlations break eventually if you follow the stock market with any regularity there was a time about two years ago where the price of oil had a strangle hold on the market...if oil went down so did stocks..if oil went up so did stocks. The fear was that as oil dropped a rash of defaults in the oil industry would occur and a contagion much like the 2008 subprime crisis would occur. Well eventually fears of this eased as oil rebounded and guess what the correlation broke. So yeah just hodl.