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  1. Big Drawdowns Are Part of the Game

    . @Xrpmonster Did you take a look at the article i posted. I think it was Apple that took 8 years to recover its old high...8 years...I am thinking that if we all TRULY believe in this thing that 2 years should definitely be something we have to be ok with as lame as it sounds...
  2. When going through a protracted drawdown trading my Fiat currency trading strategy I often try to remind myself that drawdowns in trading are inevitable. It helps keep my psyche together and emotions in check. So when I stumbled upon the below article it really helped and I think it will really encourage my fellow XRP holders as well, we cant expect the moon and not go through the hard times as well this world simply doesnt work like that. Enjoy and be encouraged. https://steadyoptions.com/articles/big-drawdowns-are-part-of-the-game-r211/
  3. cryptocurrency-company-ripple-signs-for-chelsea-office

    Yeah I saw that..folks were saying San Fran for some reason..its NYC and thats part of the allure. The financial capital of the world.
  4. Anyone else feel they don't have enough XRP?

    I have just over 1,000 and am usually happy...until someone on here talks about their 10k or 150k or something lol...ugh!
  5. This..there needs to be a sticky must read on this forum explaining this..
  6. It's Happening? The Zerpening!

    As much as I would like to believe that and am rooting for it...idk Bitcoin is bouncing hard right now too..
  7. Hey TeddyBear, Great post and analysis. I concur overall with your post and I definitely agree with the large zone that you mentioned. Crypto trades unlike anything I have seen before therefore a zone as big as you mentioned is I feel warranted for this asset class and its immense volatility. I do feel the .60 to 1.17 zone will be an area that we spend a good amount of time in and agree this will not be something we just bounce back from. New investment needs to come in and form a new base now unfortunately. However, Id like to give just one more downside target which I know no one wants to hear...if the .60 to 1.17 zone does not hold...and gosh I hope it does. The only other area that I see that would have enough long term holders to stop this thing would be ...... that much heralded .20 to .40 area that many longer term holders talk about..a time lasting what 6 months? which is an eternity it seems in crypto land. So if there was anything I could add to this great post that would be it..the I believe be all end all if .60 fails...that level .20 to .40 represents real believers...those that were able to hold something that appeared dead for half a year while all other cryptos were flying..that level is where our true holders most likely are.
  8. How Low Will We Go?

    Hmm ok makes sense thanks!
  9. How Low Will We Go?

    Hey Jon, I am new to crypto and have heard this a few times already on the board. But my question is how do you know that if we haven't tested $1.00 yet? Wouldn't we have to wait until we hit that price to really know that there is a buy wall there?
  10. How Low Will We Go?

    Not necessarily...for the short term yes this would be a real bummer...BUT if we all TRULY believe that XRP is quite possibly the Amazon of Cryptos...just remember during the Tech bubble Amazon reached a high of $113.00 per share...then after the bubble burst the tech stock with arguably the BEST story and fundamentals of all crashed to a low of $5.51 that's roughly a 95% drop... But we all know how that stories ends 15 years later...could we perhaps be in for that kind of wait? I hope not..I just want the moon right now! But I am also willing to wait..I really believe in XRP..I truly do. AMZN circa 1999-2002
  11. How Low Will We Go?

    That is really the upsetting part. Its really annoying that we are so unduly influenced by that dinosaur. The sooner we can break away on our own merit the better.
  12. How Low Will We Go?

    Yeah I saw that..but it looks weak to me. I think our $1.00 call is still in play..unfortunately.
  13. How Low Will We Go?

    I think so as well but it will most likely blow past $1.00 before finding support there...I think it hits $0.85 briefly..
  14. I got in initially at .75 but have bought sporadically at various points since then all the way up to I think my highest at $2.90... so to answer I would HAVE to buy at .50..