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  1. This is the correct answer to this question and i hate it.
  2. TA also works great if folks would just use it as intended. As a means of placing bets on the market that puts the odds more in your favor so that you can make modest, calculated trades with proper stop losses and take profits that eventually bring you a profit over a large enough sample size where you have repeatedly executed that edge with discipline. That's it. If traders would operate TA like a casino operates its edge thats all it would be. Not some mystical future telling thing that it was never meant to be that confuses newbie folks and turns them away from it because they dont understa
  3. Torally agree with this. When the markets correct and money flees to safer assets its called "risk off". Folks are not therefore looking for an even riskier investment like crypto. In all actuality the argument could be made that crypto was the leading indicator of the stock market correction. As of today crypto is riskier than stocks therefore when investors become risk averse it makes sense that this De-risking would begin in the riskiest asset class.
  4. Precisely. I believe that with proper risk management its one of the best strategies for active investing around.
  5. Ha yes I have..honestly the people that make the most consistent money in TA are those sell the education of it. Not to say that there aren't a few top traders that make great money from it but that the masses just aren't those people. However, I have found that If you strip away the nonsense, one of the most reliable things one can use for making smart trades is when a stock, coin, currency etc trades at a price it has not in a year, 2 years, 3 years etc.. When something makes a new high or new low the odds of a trend beginning are in your favor and worth a calculated bet with a solid exit po
  6. Reason being if we break $0.60 that will be very first higher high and lower low since December...which is the definition of an uptrend. Higher highs and lower lows. If we do break $0.60 I believe that we will be clear to try next resistance at $1.00. Volume at least on this exchange has also looked good since that spike back in Sept as price retraced and dropped after that spike volume dried up which is exactly what you want to see..I am seeing some life in this thing for the first time in almost a year..
  7. I think he is being sarcastic...unless you are as well lol
  8. Oh CRAPPPP!! HAHAHAHAHAHA I havent been on here in months and I come back to this...i remember this...Dont get Gregged!!!
  9. I was buying some more around the .30 and .28 range but most of my holdings were in the .75 to 1.50 range from back in Dec and Jan. But glad to have popped back in and seen the action!
  10. Pretty sure he was joking..but I thank you for your thoughts...well could you do the same analysis assuming X-rapid causes much higher volume?? what do you speculate the price would be then?
  11. Hey, Couldn't help but to be drawn to this question and can't resist shameless promotion of something that is still in the works, but before the year is out my company will be THE place to go to learn how to trade. We are working on a really innovative trading education platform that will revolutionize how folks learn to trade, making it far more interactive and fun. Feel free to check out our vid and sign up for updates for when we go live! www.intellisticks.com
  12. This is just reflective of the Financial investment/speculative industry as a whole, so I am not surprised. It has always been a male dominated pursuit it seems, however I have heard it said that the relatively few female traders and investors out there are usually pretty good at it. Less pride and ego to move quickly out of losing positions when the market dictates it as such (moreso trading) has been the theory.
  13. Yeah he is def a price action trader and only that. Which isn't a bad thing just don't expect him to go too deeply into use case or anything like that but for the shorter term def cool that he sees potential..I wonder what his price target is.
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