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  1. i The question is when do I admit when I'm right! I always like a good scotch and some tunes while I add to my stack. Keep up the fire!
  2. Dollar cost averaging til it hits $100.00.
  3. When you look at the facts...When you truly research what this can do. Blows my mind! Dollar cost average and stick to your guns! You have an empire in front of you!
  4. Crypto9Manchu

    This is just getting nuts.

    You might be right Ripplista79......All I can say is buy buy buy.
  5. Crypto9Manchu

    This is just getting nuts.

    I hope this under a dollar price goes to December. Ripple is a no brainer and I just want this low price as long as possible! When adoption goes full force under a dollar will be a dream.
  6. I believe if you take a hard look at XRP you will see that Ripple in gonna change the world. Whether you have a big stack or have none I believe you should invest! Pick an amount which fits within the realm of expendable income and add to your stack every 2 weeks or monthly. Price is not an issue but progress is. These guys are gangbusters on progress. I encourage you to check out Alex Cobb and Jungle inc on youtube. You have to be forward thinking and look at this as a 4 to 5 year investment. If you can hold strong and maintain you will be rewarded. Sell to soon, like Jungle inc says you can lose an empire. BORA BORA is coming! Keep up the fire!
  7. Crypto9Manchu

    No Use Case!

    XRP is a forgone conclusion. Impatience gives you doubt. Look at the tech. This **** is not gonna happen overnight. Be forward thinking. Dollar cost average and calm your ****. XRP is replacing an outdated system and those that can see it will be rewarded. I don't know how long and what the price will be but all I know is if I buy now I will be rewarded later. I'm dollar cost averaging to 100 then I will wait for the right time to profit.
  8. Crypto9Manchu


    Ok all you guys talk about lambos but I want a truck.......I'm thinkin I may pick up a Raptor when XRP moons
  9. Crypto9Manchu

    This guy say “ FODL” ......

    XRP is a once in a lifetime investment opportunity. If you take an honest look at what Ripple is doing......this digital asset is a game changer. I pick up a little every payday. Keep trashing XRP haters because I want that price depressed as long as possible. There will come a day where the progress will shoot XRP past all the ********. Banker coin ...Scam coin blah blah blah... Do your research and lets talk about how XRP is solving a trillion dollar problem.
  10. Crypto9Manchu

    What song do you listen to while adding to your stack?

    WE are gonna win this race!
  11. I usually play this little jingle while adding to my stack .....
  12. I am in the green. My initial investment was at .46 cents. My advice is be forward thinking and HODL! The worst thing to do know is sell and trade this digital asset. Few opportunities like this come around. Right now I am dollar cost averaging every pay day until XRP hits 100......then I will hold. If you look at the problem that XRP solves this is an amazing investment. Ripple will replace SWIFT and its just a matter of time. Don't look at price ....Look at progress! Be patient....hold and you will be rewarded. KEEP UP THE FIRE!
  13. Number 6 the main reason.........once decoupled Bitcoin is history.