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    Cesar1810 reacted to Julian_Williams in SEC Rule 501 ....   
    I would go further and add they should be removed from the negotiating room.  They have their own cases to fight and I hope they will be forced by the courts to give up the remaining tokens they were gifted and asked to return a large portion of the money they took out of the ecosystem.  Jed is not so bad because he had left the company when he started to sell, so the conflict of interest and hypocrisy is less egregious, even so if there is a way to take back the huge hoard he gifted himself it should be addressed retrospectively.
    If their behaviour was not criminal, laws should be enacted to make sure that this sort of behaviour in future is a criminal offence.
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    Cesar1810 reacted to SadtoshiNaggingmoto in How many millionaires would be minted @ $100/XRP?   
    Useless thread
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    Cesar1810 reacted to Hopium in How many millionaires would be minted @ $100/XRP?   
    Exactly, he's banned from being able to buy hopium supply anymore
    The next time he visit any of the hopium shop he'll get rat poison instead
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    Cesar1810 reacted to B088IN in How many millionaires would be minted @ $100/XRP?   
    Useless comment 🤨
    Because it offers you personally no insight or information you are after, doesn’t mean it is useless to others. There are lots of threads recently that are far worse in my opinion but each to there own. You don’t like it, move along 😉
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    Cesar1810 reacted to Akovo in Charting the course of XRP   
    They said it about BTC as well and then it doubled in a week after hitting 20k.
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    Cesar1810 reacted to Julian_Williams in SEC Rule 501 ....   
    That is a great video, and demonstrates a plausible solution that would be good for SEC and leave Ripple intact.
    SEC have done their theatrics for public consumption, now it is Ripples turn to issue a confident and aggressive rebuttal.    The playacting over they will be able to sit down a thump out an agreement perhaps along the lines suggested in the video.
    At the end of the day someone had to stop the abuse of ICOs.  As a matter of principal money raised from the sale of tokens (produced out of thin air) should be used exclusively for the development of the token and the ecosystem.  Not one penny of it should go into the pockets of the founders or execs working for the management of the ICOs because such usage creates conflicts of interests.  Awarding tokens to the founders and management diverts money that should be used for the benefit of the customers who bought the tokens from being used for token ecosystem development into the private pockets of the people who created the tokens out of thin air. 
    If you add up the sales by Jed, CL and BG (we do not know  how many Britto has sold) it must come to something near the 1.3 billion that Ripple has officially raised from selling tokens.  This means almost half of the money raised from selling XRP has not been used to develop the ecosystem for the benefit of the customers who bought the tokens.  This is outrageous and I cannot see how BG and CL can be left/trusted to manage the escrowed XRP sales after this case is settled. 
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    Cesar1810 reacted to Eric123 in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    Bitcoin is trading in between it's support and resistance lines.  Bollinger Bands continue to tighten. Move incoming. 
    XRP is moving up some today but still within it's flat/narrowing Bollinger Bands.

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    Cesar1810 reacted to Bear_tax in Charting the course of XRP   
    That is exactly what I've been doing too, glad I didn't just hold out of fear this time
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    Cesar1810 reacted to JJJ2 in Charting the course of XRP   
    It will move to .286 and then if it crosses the line it will retest .268 the 20sma on monthly TF and at the same time the higher main support line.
    If btc falls xrp follows. 
    I know: nobody likes watching negative predictions. I hope I am wrong. But consider that every new high is smaller than the previous one in this very dififcult moment for xrp. Then maybe even if it touches the main support it will bounce from there.

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    Cesar1810 reacted to Troote in Charting the course of XRP   
    I like the XRP chart. It looks familiar.

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    Cesar1810 reacted to Eric123 in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    The support line has been holding up for Bitcoin and the Bollinger Bands have been tightening.  I don't foresee a close beneath the support line at this time.  Looking for a break above resistance in the coming days.  Bitcoin's hashrate hit an All Time High Saturday (although it has pulled back now).  
    NEO is making a pretty good move today up 13%, OMG is up 9+%.
    Congrats to all the Polkadot holders, I think I'll start following DOT now. 
    XRP is totally Flat.  Bollinger Bands are running parallel. 

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    Cesar1810 reacted to Troote in Charting the course of XRP   
    Yes. My eyes are 100% on FLR and I am thinking on how to increase my exposure to that. I will sell all my XLM to buy FLR as soon as the network is up. I am keeping my XRP as even if XRP goes down, I can use them to stake them and earn FLR which I want to become my primary holding. I may swap a portion for FLR though, we'll see. The passive FLR income and the chance of an XRP moonshot is what I value in XRP right now. FLR hedges, to an extent, the risk of an XRP slow bleed.
    This sounds more reasonable to me than swapping XRP for LTC, which I have absolutely no confidence in.
    One more month of painful XRP holding before I can take my next steps. It is going to be a difficult and nerve-wracking few weeks of hodl.
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    Cesar1810 reacted to Julian_Williams in Charting the course of XRP   
    Support is very firm sitting quite a lot above the  three year lows of some months ago.  I was watching a video yesterday by the guy who called the .305 boom in mid December very accurately, he was suggesting this is "a bullish consolidation pattern" following an over zealous (due to SEC) "correction".  It should work up to main resistance at .37 and then burst to .60 very quickly after that.
    XRP is worth holding and buying at these levels, but whilst it is consolidating other coins will move up faster.  So it is a hard estimate to decide what proportion of XRP are worth holding.  You could get off the train and return at .37
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    Cesar1810 reacted to Baka in Charting the course of XRP   
    Sure , but seing +2% is already something with xrp .
    We need 0.31$ as you said 
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    Cesar1810 reacted to doz in Charting the course of XRP   
    So why hold XRP right now?  Honest question.  I held for far too long, finally got out (after the SEC announcement and not immediate, so I took a bath from my gains I had).  I believe I will buy back in for some, but not now..... Why not get some gains?  I've gained $6,000USD back since dumping XRP (between ETH and ALGO).
    Literally no sense in holding right now.  NONE.  I'm not saying one shouldn't get back in, but honestly, the more people who jump ship the lower the price gets driven down which could be the BEST thing for XRP (buy in lower later on) provided things don't go sour after SEC ruling.
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    Cesar1810 reacted to stickynoodle69 in Charting the course of XRP   
    I was pretty diversified. This past summer I made some mad gains. Chainlink, DOT, Eth, omg I 3-5 x'd just about. Thought XRP was about 40% of my portfolio, it didn't move much, just to 30 cents then back to 23. Well I sold most of my DOT and Link and Eth even to basically times my XRP holdings by 4.  Not because I'm an XRP maxi but because, all these coins pumped and XRP didn't, so XRP will too soon, yeah?  Well leading up to the Flare air drop I was technically right.
    I shoulda traded back and re-diversified. On the day the SEC news dropped I woke up and saw XRP around 44 cents.  Thought that was the drop, thought that was it. I didn't realize how early I actually was getting that news ( work nights so sleep during the day, thought I got the news late).  I shoulda sold then and rebought/ diversified back into other stuff. Too late for me now. 
    I still have some bags of other alts, looking good now but not as good as they would of been had I just stayed put. Just stings watching others pump up like crazy while I'm basically back to being even after 3 years of investing in the space, I think I'm up a few 10k. But I didn't make the sacrifices I did to go plus a 10 or 30 grand.  
    I been thinking maybe XRP won't work out. But after researching more and backtracking I'm even more confident that Ripple and XRP come out on top. The issue I have is, how long do I wait? I just wanted to be free.  And knowing I could of been free by now, had I just stayed all in Link or even Dot, burns soo much.
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    Cesar1810 reacted to Baka in Charting the course of XRP   
    ADA is doing really well at least for you :))
    Now I'm waiting for a ETH pump to get a new ATH
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    Cesar1810 reacted to Troote in Charting the course of XRP   
    This is the #1 argument that is keeping me invested. The reason I am in a bad mood about XRP is my worry that XRP might slow bleed and not pump at all within the next 12 months. That would be a waste of an opportunity. If we were at .4 or .7, it would be clear for all to see XRP would not be left behind. At the same time, the fact that there are so many haters and that so many long term holders are exiting at a loss only concentrates XRP in the hands of a shrinking minority. This means, from a trading perspective, resistance levels will be weak and if there is a pump, XRP will punch through them like they don't exist. And because of that, I expect XRP to attract traders seeking a high potential coin to use for a flamboyant pump & dump.
    So yeah... what I love in XRP's potential is also what I hate.
    PS: I like you a lot more when you are not trolling. 
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    Cesar1810 reacted to Elysium2030 in Charting the course of XRP   
    Ok for a change no trolling but realtalk
    Why exactly is everyone currently in such a bad mood due to XRP's poor performance?
    Even leaving out the SEC case, XRP has NEVER been an asset that rises slowly and steadily.
    Look at the historical data: XRP always exploded in the short term, otherwise the price went down rather steadily. Late 2016, early 2017 as well. XRP peaked in late October 2016 and then slowly bled out, losing over 50% of its value, while Bitcoin started the big bull run and many other alts followed suit. Then when XRP hit its lowest point, around 0.005 cents on 1. March 2017,  it exploded to 0.41 cents within 10 weeks. After that, completely disconnected from good or bad news and the market, the asset bled out again until mid-December, where it exploded again within 3 weeks.
     We have been around long enough to know that the market shits on "fundamentals". Coins where nothing exists but a fancy website and a whitepaper go up 100%+ in value. Didn't we find a thousand reasons why the value of the asset drops (chinese new year blah blah) and all of a sudden the price jumped and then it went down again? At the end of 2018 XRP was ranked 2nd, no one knew why but everyone tried to explain it to themselves. But this market can't be explained by such metrics.
    So why would the SEC case prevent XRP from rising again at least for 3-5 weeks? We are talking about a tether-inflated market in the gray zone on offshore exchanges that have NOTHING to do with American legislation. Who wants a higher price for a longer period of time, please? We are all just waiting for these few weeks, for this one day where we can all cash out.  (At least those who want to make money, not those who want to hold XRP for another 10 years).
    So stay relaxed. As long as the Bullrun runs, and it will still run for a few weeks, as long as XRP is in the game.
    Always remember
    01.03.2017: $0.0054 XRP // $1207.39 BTC
    17.05.2017: 0.415$ XRP // 1727.39 $ BTC
    08.12.2017: 0.23$ XRP // 18,328.90 $ BTC
    04.01.2018: 3.84$ XRP // 15,739.70 $ BTC
    I see a slowly rising asset and a whimsical diva jumping around as she pleases.
    XRP is not for everyone, for XRP you have to be ready at any time. I am waiting for that day.

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    Cesar1810 reacted to Julian_Williams in Charting the course of XRP   
    Past performance is not a good guide to future performance and you should buy the dips not the highs.
    Sadly for reasons we all know, XRP is at he bottom of the list.  Having said that people that were holding XRP on Jan 1st will qualified for 1 FLR for every XRP.  Who knows what the value of FLR will be in six months time?  It would be nice is us Holders have the last laugh.
    I am still 50% XRP.   I think the XRP ecosystem has the most potential of any, especially given it close relationship with Flare, but in the next few months this race will not be a beauty contest based on the fundamentals.  Looking back to 2017 when I joined as a newbie the way  I chose cryptos was with as little research and discernment as choosing chocolates from a box.
    In 2017 XRP went up 33,000%.  We are hardly out of the starting gate. Will any of the front runners manage a 33,000% increase?  What was it that made us all flock to XRP?
    These are the factors I got pulled in by:
    XRP was a top ten coin It was cheap per token it was going to be the banker's coin that worked with the regulations it was faster, cheaper and more secure than BTC and ETH It was obviously managed by institution/bank/FI friendly management team These five factors still stand but "working with the regulators" is problematic because of SEC.  But there is the extra virtue of Flare.
    XRP is not out of the the race, is it lame or is it just off to a delayed start?  How about the other competitors?  Do any of the other top ten have the sort of combination of virtues that attracted us to XRP in 2017? 
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    Cesar1810 got a reaction from stickynoodle69 in Charting the course of XRP   
    seems like a dead cat bounce what are we seeing in the short term?
    In the long term I am still optimistic and I would not want to miss that race.
    I'm sure he will have it and it will be one of the best !!!!
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    Cesar1810 got a reaction from Jedyka1990 in Charting the course of XRP   
    seems like a dead cat bounce what are we seeing in the short term?
    In the long term I am still optimistic and I would not want to miss that race.
    I'm sure he will have it and it will be one of the best !!!!
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    Cesar1810 reacted to panmores in SEC Investigator Behind $ 1.3 Billion XRP Lawsuit Resigns   
    SEC FUD... https://www.sec.gov/news/press-release/2021-5
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    Cesar1810 reacted to B088IN in SEC Rule 501 ....   
    Nice insights. 
    So what would happen if Ripple was told they weren’t allowed to sell the XRP they hold, can that happen even if they are in Escrow?
    Is there enough XRP in circulation currently to allow ODL and other projects to carry on and still function as required?
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    Cesar1810 reacted to Baka in Charting the course of XRP   
    after tomorrow we may be at under 0.25$ , that's what I imagine 
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