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  1. I wonder why are you so sure it will go down and not go up with all the alts? I appreciate your answers and knowledge.
  2. wow .... what a similarity to the current btc chart. Awesome. thank you
  3. Hola Molten, antes que nada, ¡gracias por la excelente información y los gráficos que son increíbles! por otro lado ... Tengo una pregunta ........ en mayo de 2017 cuando xrp it shot, btc ¿qué estaba haciendo? estaba atrapado? ¿subiendo? ¿de corrección? un fuerte abrazo. saludos y hodl
  4. mmm I did not understand ... you mean you could transfer the profits from alts to btc in the short term ..? and so do you upload btc? thanks in advanc
  5. I think exactly the same. Hopefully we are wrong and xrp do your thing. but I doubt it very much if btc does not accompany
  6. Do you think I care about btc? Not really, but there is a reality that some do not want to see. if btc falls I don't think there's any increase for anyone, at least right now! my humble opinion.
  7. automatic. .... I think you gave it in the eye! damn! hahaha are we going to 6k? a big hug Thanks to you and everyone who shares your technical analysis!
  8. Unfortunately it could happen. ..but not only xrp, all alts could be hit once more while only bitcoin rises. and hopefully after that comes our season;) I could be terribly wrong. hug
  9. I would love to, if it's not too much to ask, see how we are now? we continue or well? the pattern broke? Thanks hugs
  10. I would love to see an update of these graphics. excellent thread, do not abandon it! Thank you very much in advance hug
  11. eric .... where do you think bitcoin will arrive on the next rise? You said 17k if I remember correctly. Any reasonable chance that it reaches 19 k? I love your analysis! of the best I've seen here. Thank you . hug
  12. I would be interested to see what this graph looks like now. excellent eric123 good job. big hug
  13. I don't understand much of all this, but I will try to help you. SBIVC was live in different stages (faces) They are not yet live with the public trade of xrp. Correct if I'm wrong. a hug
  14. I do not see the blue arrow. someone could send a graphic update. It looks very interesting, thanks in advance
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