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  1. now yeah ..... waooouuuuu is impressive how that graphic looks. ...a million thanks. yes, the commercial view is automatically translated into Spanish. at least for me!
  2. I don't know why but I don't see a play button thank you anyway. Will I have to register?
  3. Dear Mico ... thanks friend for the graphics ... very good! will you have this chart updated ...? I would love to see what it looks like today. hug https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/3a6eStMB-XRP-2017-to-2019-breakout-versus-2015-to-2017-breakout/
  4. Eric friend ... I think you have something wrong here. the security deposit occurred in December 2017 ... when the price was from 0.25 to 3.4 $$$$ Correct me if I'm wrong. hug
  5. it seems to me that CryptoBoiler is going to go company with my friend Googo ... there is no other ...
  6. It looks like a bull flag ... which I think is very bullish. I don't know about graphics either. but I love hahahaha
  7. These graphics are really amazing. ..the similarities between the two are surprising. I don't see why history can't be repeated. .. opinions?
  8. a question .... what were the other alternative currencies doing when xrp exploded in May 2017? were they booming too? thank you very much to all. Hugs.
  9. If the cycles in the markets were repeated exactly like the previous ones, we would all be millionaires. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. my humble opinion. hug
  10. I wonder why are you so sure it will go down and not go up with all the alts? I appreciate your answers and knowledge.
  11. wow .... what a similarity to the current btc chart. Awesome. thank you
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