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  1. jaja me pasó exactamente lo mismo .... es más, me encantaría que jotaro tenga razón. abrazos y hodl
  2. In my experience Bitrue is great. many xrp pairs Good exchange!
  3. invita lo que estas fumando amigo ....! jajajaja estás crazy
  4. Hello alejo, as always, I love your comments, but here I have to say that I do not share your opinion. "Smaller companies will be RippleNet's key customers !!!" I WOULDN'T BE SO SURE OF THIS! " Does a transaction really NEED to settle in 3 seconds? Absolutely not." AS A MINIMUM THIS IS VERY DISCUSSABLE !!! I THINK ABSOLUTELY YES. And it is for a simple reason, technology is moving forward, because we demand it ourselves (comfort, speed, efficiency, to the maximum) I hope you understand my point! a hug!!!
  5. you should put a question mark in the title ... otherwise it seems that you would be taking it for granted. My opinion, I think they will use it, but only when the regulations are well established.
  6. thank you very much tar ..... excellent job! It seems very feasible that xrp explodes between September and October, right? hug and hold
  7. it is clear that you understand absolutely nothing. I suggest you look for another market that is not so risky for people with so little knowledge. at any moment you will be of the ignored family. hug
  8. https://coil.com/p/XRP_Productions/-It-was-Enjoyable-Mark-Zuckerberg-Tries-Out-PayID/ByMLHFjlH
  9. Any admin to block this person who is insulting and does not contribute anything? @Paul?
  10. In my opinion. .... nobody cares or knows about that audience ... 0 effect on the price.
  11. Eric dear .... when you want to come to Argentina you have free accommodation in my house .... you will be very welcome Thank you very much for the EXCELLENT graphics and contributions you offer! big hug and hold. I also don't sell before $ 10. we are together in that one!
  12. excellent answer .... I would like 1000!
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