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  1. Cesar1810

    paycent will add xrp

    This is ready?
  2. It seems to be excellent news. Thank you. let's hope that the regulatory certainties arrive once and for all! hug and hodl
  3. honestly at this point I do not care about the size of the bank. I only want 1 bank using xRapid. the rest will come only sooner or later
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/diepsanh/status/1085176594430226435?s=21 hello friends ... not publish well ... even the source I can not corroborate because the video can not be translated. will it be correct? I hope it works for something. a hug to everyone and hodl
  5. I liked! very good point and positive ... I believe that as the world moves today, everything will be much faster than we expect! I hope to start a bull run for xrp that lasts the whole year. so we rest;)
  6. hello friends .... I read all the thread and I was amazing. although many questions of the technical part I do not understand. ...excuse my ignorance.... Would someone be so kind as to make a brief summary of what has been said so far ...? simple. simple . For me, I'm a bit of a donkey. Thanks guys. a big hug I keep hold
  7. this is really an incredible news ... official and how much we spread .... a before and after in my opinion! hodl
  8. Cesar1810

    250/750 XRP Giveaway Final Entries

    hahahahahaha I do not understand well what is chicken dinner ..... but can the chicken equivalents be charged in xrp? Does it come with the drink including the chicken? I would also like the equivalent of the drink in xrp. I calculate that if they send me the chicken to Argentina, it will get cold.
  9. Cesar1810

    2019 is gonna be epic

    Since when are the regulations for a bullfight necessary?
  10. Cesar1810

    2019 is gonna be epic

    you really think that? this time I can not say that I share your opinion
  11. This is good or bad? While I have followed the thread ..... I do not understand what this means exactly. sorry. and a hug to all the holders
  12. Cesar1810

    Commenwealth Banks new product

    Can you send a link that can be opened? Thank you. I do not see the source. excuse