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  1. Woouuu really surprised by Brad's date. I'm the only one who did not expect such a direct comment?
  2. come here for boys that is free and abudante. from argentina greetings and hodl
  3. Kitao había dicho que esperaban que las regulaciones se lanzaran en Japón. No tengo la fuente pero era confiable. ¡Estoy seguro! Esta noticia debería dar un paso rápido a la apertura del sbi. Corrígeme si me equivoco. Gracias . abrazo
  4. will it be true that you are using xRapid? MMM....
  5. I understand that resona bank is a very important bank, they open up tired of waiting for yoshitaka jajjajajaj
  6. some graph there? ..... how do things look? Thank you very much in advance Hodl
  7. excellent thread Eric I follow from page 1 ..... continue with TA I congratulate you and respect! Julian Williams excellent comments always. let's hope that big green candle !!!!
  8. They do not have an idea of how much I would like to see this video translated or subtitled in Spanish. It must be great! !!!! Hodl and a big hug to everyone. I love being able to be living with you here this great transformation that Ripple is achieving. Sooner or later we take off!
  9. nge_notices/ICE_Futures_US-Notice_BitcoinLaunch20181231.pd Thanks Flintstones, I had seen the link before but I can not translate it. I understand something like that that depend on the desicion of the CFTC? Do you confirm that 24 is not released?
  10. is that there is so much speculation that really confuses. I try to base myself on official announcements, since the information sources of other countries I do not know them (I do not know if they are good or bad) and as I did not see anything official about the postponement of the launch (24/1/19) I do not know what to believe. let's hope they launch in 24. hodl and forgiveness for ignorance.
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