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  1. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DW3LLt8MsPZ4&ved=2ahUKEwjc9-ysmLzoAhWSHbkGHY74CFcQo7QBMAB6BAgAEAI&usg=AOvVaw2hy3gDjrX4Kuf5j_LN8Zdr I leave this here. are 10 min. very interesting. a different perspective.
  2. I have to say that I also align with your thoughts ... it is the paranoia of the people themselves collectively that GROWS EXPONENTIALLY. I don't see it being that serious. prevention is always better than cure .... but all this from covid sounds strange to me. very rare.
  3. what little common sense. I don't argue anymore.
  4. I do not share at all. in the end we end up derailing the thread for your EGO. create your thread and voila. I want to see graphs not opinions of whether or not you believe in the graph
  5. (basically random assumption) that's just for you not for everyone.
  6. In the forum you can create different threads and that's for a reason .... nobody says you don't say your opinion, but I suggest 2 things. 1- create your own thread and you will be able to better discuss your NO belief without disturbing others. 2- read an osho book
  7. but according to you he is not ... neither he nor anyone ... so ... let's go again. what do you notice if you don't believe in it?
  8. Why do you notice your precision if you really don't believe in it?
  9. Here Not everyone believes that they are guessing. ... in fact we are more on the opposite side ... if you do BELIEVE that we are all guessing because you do not create your own price guessing thread and you stop bothering others with your comments that contribute 0.000000 to this thread. ? and you would have the advantage of not having to know more about us ... since we are not like you and we are NOT going to disturb your thread. MAKE IT FRIEND. WE WILL THANK YOU.
  10. I understand but I don't share your reasoning. ... For me it is always wrong to make fun of another. There is no need. Different opinions nothing more. hug bro.
  11. Hi friend ... I always respect and value your comments and thank you very much because I have learned a lot from you. However, I think you're wrong this time and I'll tell you why. the thread was created in the right place ... if you don't like the thread or its content you can skip it or ignore the user. You don't have to be derogatory or make fun. don't be so bad, please ... hug and hold
  12. Being obnubilated is like saying that you are confused and blinded or cloudy. I hope you understand. hug
  13. Que no veo que sea una respuesta débil, al contrario, ( viendo el contexto ) la respuesta fue muy fuerte! Les tapó la boca Hasta el infierno! De paso, cual es tu opinión alejo? Y gracias de antemano
  14. weak??? ..... I have the opposite, since, with what he said he gave it to the pear hahaha mate checkmate friend! hug and hodl
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