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  1. I do not see the blue arrow. someone could send a graphic update. It looks very interesting, thanks in advance
  2. you have to make a monument to ERIC123. what do you want me to say? You're a crack brother. Thank you a hug
  3. Honestly, do not ask what the maintenance was for or what impact it could have, only if there was any news regarding the launch date. with respect to or previous, I have already formed my opinion. Thank you as well.
  4. Any news regarding the release of SBIVC? someone from Japan? Thanks in advance. hug and hodl
  5. nose, I find it strange that it goes from 3000 million to 30000 million? I never saw that volume in xrp.
  6. ¿Estoy viendo esto mal? o ese volumen es un poco raro?
  7. Eric, I get the feeling that long before November we can reach the ath (BTC) Do you think there is any possibility? a big hug. I value your answers very much! Thank you
  8. No estoy seguro de entender lo que quieres decir. Creo que xrapid no tiene nada que hacer, ya que ( XRP ) se comporta de esa manera loca, antes de su existencia. Puedo estar terriblemente equivocado. abrazo.
  9. completely agree. I also expect the same for July. I think we are at the moment when things have to start happening. Do not fall asleep in the Laurels. You have to think positively and make a strong effort for SBI to start operations next month. SBI + MGI = IMPULSE. big hug from Argentina.
  10. Yes, it is the beginning of a gigantic bullfight. in a year and a half I see it at $ 400 do not get angry. is what I believe Hodl
  11. me too. great data! You learn a lot here in the forum! thank you
  12. https://es.cointelegraph.com/news/barclays-leads-55-million-funding-round-for-blockchain-based-invoice-exchange/amp I found it interesting. move if it's wrong. sorry
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