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  1. if the value of the XRP they have does not increase, xrapid cannot be used .... Can you imagine Brad G. telling Yositaka Kitao: Dear Kitao, I'm sorry to tell you that Xrapid is not going to work since the xrp went to $ 0.02 hahahaha I don't understand 😅😅😅😅
  2. can someone explain to me? .... I still do not understand .... How is it that Ripple continues to sell software which doesn't care if it will work ...? (We all know and D.S. said that in order for Xrapid to work properly the price must be much higher ... otherwise it could not move all the money) and they say that ripple doesn't care about the price of xrp? How are so many banks associated to use xrapid even though Ripple is not interested if it will work? what am i missing?
  3. ¿Y quiénes serán los dueños de estos bancos? si odl a gran escala no ayuda al precio de xrp ... ¿por qué la ondulación molesta tanto para implementarlo? Alguien me explica cómo Ripple puede no preocuparse por el precio de XRP? Translation: And who will own these banks? if odl on a large scale does not help the price of xrp ... why does undulation bother so much to implement it? Does anyone explain to me how Ripple may not worry about the price of XRP?
  4. It is not that I was looking for something in particular, only that I wished there were more opinions and discussions of people from here on the forum (who contribute a lot) because of their great knowledge instead of sending so many videos that I AND I SAFE MANY MORE WE CANNOT TRANSLATE. Nothing against you ... don't take it personal. what I can think of is that under each video they could write a short summary of it ... that way it would be much more useful for everyone. hug and hold
  5. I read that thread completely ... there isn't much to see ... most of the pages are links to Twitter and videos that I can't translate ... thanks anyway.
  6. tiny friend .... how did it go in bitrue? It seemed very good to me. I am trading there. hug. P.S. csc seems to me an excellent investment, by the way I hope this thread stops being just videos that I can't translate and more is commented on where they speculate that csc will go ... its foundations etc.
  7. I don't have the great understanding of the market that you have but let's put it like this: they believe that ripple would try so hard to implement xrp if ODL would never increase the price of xrp (even on the highest scale of use) I doubt it VERY MUCH on the other hand ... in all markets I understand that there is a purchase on one side and a sale on the other and vice versa, even so the price goes up and down, what is the mechanism? Not applicable to ODL? I'm really crazy?
  8. I think you have something wrong here ... the consensus says yes ... and I don't understand why you say that the use will not affect the price? ??? On what scale are you seeing this? Anyway I love and respect your opinions. big hug and hodl
  9. hello ... yesterday use Bitrue to buy casino coin and Vet chain. It worked very well and I'm from Argentina ... I don't know where Bitrue is from but it was quite agile and simple. I hope it serves you! hug
  10. Hello Julian_Williams first of all thank you for your excellent contributions ... Could you help me with csc that I don't know what I'm doing hahahaha? Enter bitrue and apparently buy 4500 csc with about 96 xrp ... is that pretty bad that isn't it? because it would be $ 0.0046 each token. hahaha I don't understand anything. why are those 96 xrp frozen? Thanks a lot in advance. big hug and hodl
  11. I'm still here since 09/2017 and I have the same time frame;) greetings to all and hodl
  12. Excellent post, thanks. I think the most likely scenario for this would be for bitcoin to resume its ATH. that would leave us in those levels of xrp / btc that we expect. Needless to say, it happens next! my humble opinion! hold
  13. Any chance to see the updated xrp / usd chart? Thank you very much for the contributions. hodl
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