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  1. https://coil.com/p/XRP_Productions/-It-was-Enjoyable-Mark-Zuckerberg-Tries-Out-PayID/ByMLHFjlH
  2. Any admin to block this person who is insulting and does not contribute anything? @Paul?
  3. In my opinion. .... nobody cares or knows about that audience ... 0 effect on the price.
  4. Eric dear .... when you want to come to Argentina you have free accommodation in my house .... you will be very welcome Thank you very much for the EXCELLENT graphics and contributions you offer! big hug and hold. I also don't sell before $ 10. we are together in that one!
  5. excellent answer .... I would like 1000!
  6. for me it is easier: the higher the volume of odl. less available (in those 3 seconds) of xrp, price increases. + speculation. hug and hold
  7. thanks ... I wish I had more than enough to diversify more, but now I only have to fill my xrp bag well, and wait. sooner or later the market explodes
  8. I would like to say that I think csc has at least good foundations .... Many crypts lack it. to me it looks like an xrp when it was $ 0.006 Of course it is risky. but the higher the risk, the better the reward.
  9. Eric, thank you very much for the continued analysis, it is extraordinary. would you dare to give your opinion regarding csc? or to publish a graphic? It seems to me a very interesting and too cheap currency. what do you think? thanks and hugs. Jotaro. ... don't break my eggs hahaha
  10. thanks for the explanation, you ruined my day! hahahahaha joke.... hug and hold
  11. sorry... I cannot translate it into text because it is an image! ( I use google translate )
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