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  1. go back to @hopio .... I did not enter the forum for a long time ... the fudsters had tired me ... Let's see where the detractors of xrp are now? jajajjajja I want to read them saying ... it goes to 0 ...
  2. you got used to the bear market but it isn't anymore heheh ... /s ... some of these bombs will end well. I think that being the last to raise is an advantage ... as there is now a lot of money from other currencies that could turn over quickly. Or am I fooling myself? hahahahaha 😂😂😂
  3. seems like a dead cat bounce what are we seeing in the short term? In the long term I am still optimistic and I would not want to miss that race. I'm sure he will have it and it will be one of the best !!!!
  4. have a happy new year everyone! (except for the fudster hahahaha) stay strong, 2021 has to be our year !!!!! 💪 hug
  5. what a smell of panic in this forum ... loosen up a bit.
  6. I wouldn't say smart, since all the smart people on this forum spend their time making mistakes. if it seems bullish to me
  7. xrp and put it back. mother who gave birth to you and her conahahdkkenfosvvegyifkendldifjjejekdid I went up once for god wlkrjfjfifodkdnwkqyshwbosod
  8. oh my bad .... you're right ....! I must have gotten confused about the graph .... there was a similar one that came in handy. thanks
  9. @alquitran could you give us an update on this ... excellent graphic. Thank you very much in advance! hug
  10. This argument was raised before the last bullish cycle and totally defeated by the reality of what happened later. such increase =% 50000
  11. To summarize, the last bull cycle led to xrp from 0.006 to 3.40 and that was just speculation (has nothing to do with regulations) Why couldn't such an increase be repeated?
  12. is that you are not the first to bluff me with that bot, they already tire ... excuse my reaction then. but respect if you want to be respected! I am 34 years old! you?
  13. I don't understand what bothers them about "I like it". In any case, ask your sister if I'm a bot! 😉
  14. I think what he said about Brad is fantastic. always looking forward. global pollution worries everyone and the proposed waste of energy (POW) is not something viable in the long term. It seems that it bothers them to say it?
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