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    XRPgoat got a reaction from Jepb100 in Hi! I'm Bob   
    Hi Bob, 
    It has been a while since I have been on XRPchat. I have been seeing this thread pop up in my Twitter feed which brought me back here. I am completely blown away after reading it. I just wanted to say thanks for your insights. 
    Cheers. JT
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    XRPgoat reacted to BobWay in Answer: Wen Moon?   
    Other use cases for XRP and the XRP Ledger can only increase the utility of XRP and hence its price. From my perspective, that's what Xpring is all about.
    In working through the dynamics of forcing XRP into bridge currency usage while not putting downward pressure on the price, I restricted my analysis to forces with strict causation. In my mind that is the most pessimistic case. But there are a lot of correlations that might actually be social or psychological causation if you are willing to be a little less pessimistic.
    For example, the biggest likely correlated upward pressure on XRPs price, might come from people wanting to hold the world's most liquid asset. A psychologic reason might be both that you can convert it to ANYTHING else that you need instantly. That's great if you like to travel or deal with folks all around the world.
    But psychologically many might also consider that as the world grows, more and more value (goods and services) is actually created by the growing world population. Value creation is not a zero sum game! And since XRP is in limited supply, who can own how much XRP is a zero sum game.
    Which bring you back to my "Landed Gentry" argument. The landed gentry were perpetually rich, because they held a monopoly on a fixed supply commodity. (The land)  But there was a growing population who NEEDED (not wanted) to use their commodity. So as the population grew, they could always keep increasing the rent.
    The same argument hold for using gold coins as money. They are in fix supply and the population is growing, you can keep charging more and more for them. So you keep getting richer even though the primary asset you hoard (gold), generates zero value to the world at large, while you are hoarding it. It only generates value for others when it circulates (medium of exchange).
    So it's clear there is a tradeoff with XRP.  You might become perpetually rich. But, don't expect that others won't become annoyed that you have done so.
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    XRPgoat got a reaction from emelen73 in Hi! I'm Bob   
    Hi Bob, 
    It has been a while since I have been on XRPchat. I have been seeing this thread pop up in my Twitter feed which brought me back here. I am completely blown away after reading it. I just wanted to say thanks for your insights. 
    Cheers. JT
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    XRPgoat reacted to BobWay in Hi! I'm Bob   
    Hello all. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Bob Way, formerly of Ripple. Thank you in advance for allowing me to join your forum.
    Back in the early days of crypto I was pretty active in the Bitcointalk and Ripple communities (under the username "Red"). In fact my community participation was what directly led to me going to work for Chris and the gang at OpenCoin. I made a lot of good friend in the forums five years back. I'm hoping to make some new ones now.
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    XRPgoat reacted to Lori in Short Story Contest Entry: To Be A Fly On The Wall   
    Hi @XRPgoat fun little story! A fly in Miguel’s tummy! ?
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    XRPgoat reacted to Hodor in Short Story Contest Entry: To Be A Fly On The Wall   
    Something tells me that Miguel Vias doesn't know he's the star of your story... 
    Damnit!  I want to know. 
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    XRPgoat reacted to BANKXRP in Greg Kidd, Chief Risk Officer Ripple Labs Senate of Canada 2015   
    At 35:18 Is Interesting as Greg Kidd Investor In Uphold And GlobalID and now Libra Credit
    Binance Labs partners with Libra Credit; advances international cryptocurrency demands
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    XRPgoat reacted to Julian_Williams in Crypto has the World's Attention: XRP Update   
    Your blog reminded me of research by DR North who is perhaps the worlds foremost amateur expert on the EU and BREXIT (I have been blogging with him for 15 years).  His discovery was that "regulations" are increasingly globalised and you either fit within them or die.  Most regulations are formulated by ISO's usually based in Geneva but the ISO's generate the regulations from what is happening in the real world.  So when a country can be first in with standardisation, maybe this happen in US or the EU or Japan, they can have a huge impact on what the ISO eventually creates as the world harmonisation standard.   This is a process that we can see happening in cryptospace. 
    Harmonisation of standards is critical to the system.  Businesses that try to sit outside the harmonised standards simply die which brings us back to our allegory of what happened after Microsoft and IBM joined forces.
    Can you imagine a business setting up on the internet without accepting the protocols of the WWW.  Can you imagine what will happen to any digital asset that is not harmonised with the protocols of the Internet of Value?  Hopefully the Fortune 500 will instinctively understand this principle and no it is not a fair fight, but BTC have been fighting dirty and do not deserve any sympathy.
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    XRPgoat reacted to Hodor in Crypto has the World's Attention: XRP Update   
    I really like your analogy here.  I cannot even imagine a company today not using HTTP and trying to interact over the Internet, or ignore browser acceptance of these standards.  It would be completely illogical, and it demonstrates where the IOV is heading. 
    The standards are being set in stone slowly but surely: ILP (done).  Web Payments (done). Web Monetization (in progress). 
    Ripple is laying the groundwork for the next generation of applications while many other coin tribes are "fiddling while Rome burns."   Not the XRP Community. 
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    XRPgoat got a reaction from Hodor in Crypto has the World's Attention: XRP Update   
    Great job as always Hodor!!
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    XRPgoat reacted to Hodor in Crypto has the World's Attention: XRP Update   
    Thanks for the note @WhentheBoat_ComesIn - blog updated and re-posted! 
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    XRPgoat reacted to Hodor in Crypto has the World's Attention: XRP Update   
    The world is collectively addressing the topic of cryptocurrency.  In my previous blog, I analyzed the implications of the US Congressional testimony; in this edition, I discuss the G20's recent meeting and discussion of cryptocurrency, along with the next steps that were recommended by the various central bank members.

    In addition, Ripple made an important update to their recommended UNL and published the quarter 2 XRP Markets Report!  This blog wraps up by discussing a lot of recent activity in the XRP Community.  
    Hope you enjoy the read.  Please feel free to share my blog with a friend, or on any other platform; and of course, thank you for doing so! 
    Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    XRPgoat got a reaction from Yodaxrp in Short Story Contest Entry: To Be A Fly On The Wall   
    To Be A Fly On The Wall

    Being a fly myself, I have heard the saying "To be a fly on the wall" my entire life. My species only lives around 30 days, and I am currently on day 29 of my life. 
    As you see, I don't have much time left to accomplish what many of my fellow flies who lived before me have accomplished. The saying "To be a fly on the wall" is not just an expression for us flies, but it is a life goal, an accomplishment that every fly wishes before they pass on. A fly only earns this saying by hearing something truly amazing, confidential, or something that will be truly groundbreaking. To overhear something truly groundbreaking has only happened a few times in this world by us flies. It is said that a flie's antennae will pulse, and that the fly will get a euphoric feeling when they are about to earn this saying. I get excited thinking about it, but I only have 1 day left to accomplish this before I move on.
    Everything that every fly hears is passed down from generation to generation to every fly. I know so many truths to so many stories that apparently are still unanswered to this day. I could tell you all sorts of crazy things you humans don't know like what happened to Jimmy Hoffa, who killed Tupac/Biggie, do aliens exist, did Tom Brady really ask to have his football deflated, Marilyn Monroe, the Illuminati, and yes, I even know the true identity of who created Bitcoin. I could go on, but I don't want to bore you with answers to all of these things. All of this secret information crammed in my little head is probably why us flies don't live long and certainly do not speak.
    A few days back, I found myself flying through an open window on 315 Montgomery Street in San Francisco. It was some sort of fancy office, and it's this office wall that I am resting on right now. It has been a pleasant stay with some interesting people running around, but nothing yet that has given my little antennaes a tickle. Just when I was about to give up on this place, a man excitedly came busting through the door whom I had yet to see the whole time I'd been here. This man had a giant chocolate chip cookie in his mouth, and was yelling something about a G10 currency and global adoption of something called XRP. Some guy named Asheesh laughingly says "Of course, Miguel only buys one cookie for himself and no one else". There was a guy they were calling Joel who was picking everyone up and hugging them. Some guy with one of the greatest beards I had ever seen in my life was running around high fiving everyone, but I didn't catch his name. A white haired gentlemen they were calling Chris stood nodding his head in approval and he said "We always knew this day would eventually come". 
    With all of the excitement, I almost didn't notice that my antennae were pulsating and the most amazing, euphoric feeling had rushed over me. It was such an amazing feeling that I didn't even notice that I was no longer on the wall, but on this guy named Miguel's cookie. Miguel didn't seem to care because he ate the cookie with me on it as if he had been longing for this cookie and this moment forever. This was also the moment that I had been longing for too so, I didn't even care that he had eaten me. This was truly a groundbreaking moment, and I had earned the saying "To Be a Fly on the Wall" in the greatest way possible. This achievement would be passed down from generation to generation not by just flies, but by all of humanity for years to come. 
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    XRPgoat reacted to XRPeteSampras in XRP Short Story Contest: 1,750 XRP Up for Grabs!   
    In studying XRP since September of 2017, I’ve become convinced of its superiority, utility, and potential. 
    Much to my pleasure, I’ve also learned that the XRP community is comprised of a great number of diverse and good-hearted people.  And they’re clever and insightful to boot!
    It is with great excitement that I announce it is time for you all to channel those abilities and enter the XRP Short Story Contest.
    I’ve always been a fan of short stories and have found some to be incredibly impactful.  Their potency is often surprising, given the fact that their medium is so condensed.  Blogs and chat posts are great, but short stories can be unrivaled in capturing our imaginations.
    Recently, I thought that the subject matter around XRP, Ripple, the Internet of Value, etc., could make for some very fascinating short stories, and might even lead to some innovative or inspirational thought.  This caused me to write one of my own, which I posted here on XRPChat:
    But I am the most excited when I think of reading what others in the community can come up with! 
    To supercharge this endeavor, I’m offering up three rewards (yes, out of my own pocket):
    1,000 XRP for the best XRP-related short story
    500 XRP for second place
    250 XRP for third place
    Here’s the deal: 
    Use your imagination, start brainstorming, and reach down into the passion and wonder that you all have concerning XRP. 
    Write your short story of no more than 5,000 words and submit it to the new “Fan Submissions” section at XRPChat by midnight, August 1st, 2018. 
    Sometime on August 1st, a new post will be made on XRPChat that will include the title of each of the eligible entries in the contest that the community can vote on.  Voting will go on for exactly one week until midnight, August 8th, 2018.  This will allow the community to have at least a full week to read all entries and cast their vote for the best short story.
    Want to write, but not sure what to write about?  Feel free to reference my story to see just one example of what can be done.  Otherwise, write anything you want, as long as it references XRP in a positive way!
    Still a bit unclear?  Here are some examples of story premises off the top of my head:
    A ‘Sliding Doors’ type story that details a day in the life of a person struggling to send a remittance to family vs. the same day in that person’s life with Ripple technology and XRP available to them.
    A comedy story about a former SWIFT executive who is down on his luck in a bar, talking to a stranger about the technology that he used to laugh at—until it brought down his company and put him out of a job!
    A futuristic story that details the incredible and complex new derivatives market, making use of Codius and XRP.
    A futuristic story about the world of micropayments.
    …And remember, these are examples that I’m just throwing out there!  Use them if you want, but I’m excited to read what you can come up with!
    Now, for the rules:
    Short story must be submitted by midnight, August 1st, 2018.  Only one story per person. Story must concern XRP in a positive way (Stories that concern Ripple, Codius, Coil, Interledger, IOV etc. are just fine, but make sure XRP is highlighted within the story!) Story must be less than 5,000 words and must be the poster’s original work (no plagiarizing).  Must be in story form (not poetry, limerick, play, blog post, etc.) Must be posted in the “Fan Submissions” section on XRP Chat.  Each entry will need to include 'Short Story Contest Entry' and their title.  Example:  'Short Story Contest Entry:  Progress' Contest entrants must have an XRPChat account (No anonymous 'guest' posting), and a wallet that can receive the winning XRP should they win. Voting will begin at some point on August 1st, 2018, lasting for one week until midnight, August 8th, 2018.  Only those with an XRPChat account may vote (one vote per person). The entry with the most votes wins first-place, second most votes wins second-place, etc. No crudity or vulgarity in the stories. Take your time and try to proofread, please (you have almost four weeks).  No one is perfect, myself included, but we don’t want too many spelling and grammatical errors in something that will be reflecting upon our community! ? Please, no negative posts about people’s stories.  It can be a difficult experience to share a story that you’ve worked hard on, only to see it be disparaged by somebody else.  We need a welcoming environment.  If you like a story, great!  If you don’t like it, just don’t vote for it!  XRPeteSampras reserves the right to deny any entrant due to a rule infraction or any other “good reason”.  Don’t worry—I’m quite reasonable, but I’m putting up my own money for this thing and I don’t want anyone taking advantage of any loophole that I may have overlooked in my rules!  Sorry Anti-XRP FUDsters, you’ll have to deal with the centralization on this contest.  
    Good luck, everyone!
    What are you waiting for—start writing!
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    XRPgoat reacted to BANKXRP in A Canadian Bank, CIBC with Ripple   
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    XRPgoat reacted to Karl in Ripple’s Exec Elected To Federal Reserve’s Faster Payments Task Force   
    Uh this decision just took three years, not that bad for a fed office. I guess some clerks here worked hard and took some unpaid overtime for this conclusion.
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    XRPgoat reacted to Hodor in XRP Community Blog   
    No problem whatsoever.
    We need to streamline the submittal process and make it available for anybody that would like to contribute. 
    My hope is that it truly gets "out of hand!" (in a good way)  ?   Because that means we are getting where we need to be as an ecosystem of XRP stakeholders. 
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    XRPgoat reacted to Hodor in XRP Community Blog   
    New Contributors
    I think anybody that wishes to blog about XRP or Ripple should be able to blog.  Send me your info and I'll see what I can do; things are still kind of in flux at the moment, despite the massive amount of content we've seen. 
    Content Guidelines
    Blogs typically range anywhere from two paragraphs to multiple pages.  I have no set requirement, and I'm assuming from the content I've seen already that nobody else does, either.
    Well, we have to have *some* way of moderating the content, so there is a general content judgement that one or all of us should make based on article content.  It seems that some of us (myself and @buckor) have kind of been grand-fathered in, but we obviously are going to prevent it from becoming a platform for critics. 
    They already have their various platforms; it's not incumbent upon me or anybody else involved in our site to make it fair or equal whatsoever.  In other words, if I feel the content is offensive or misleading or contains personal attacks or is a negative troll post, I will either request that it be removed, or ... something.  We really haven't finalized how to moderate.  We should probably designate some moderators to formally play that role.  I will be a moderator if nobody objects. 
    Generally speaking, I'd prefer content be positive about XRP and Ripple, but if it's negative, I just have one (kind of subjective) requirement; that it be constructive in its tone. 
    The creator of the site is @wietsewind (Twitter handle).   I think he checks this site too, under the avatar @xrptipbot
    In any case, I'll let him know that this conversation is happening. 
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    XRPgoat reacted to Fleshmeister in Ripple donates $4 million to Ellen's fund   
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    XRPgoat reacted to idereffets in Ripple and Amazon   
    If exp. Amazon or “any customers” use Xcurrent, they will save approx. 40% of cost. But if they will use also Xrapid or Xvia with Xcurrent, then they will save around 70% of the cost.
    So, if I am a bank, FI, or “any customer”, I’ll try to safe as much money that I can. So will use XRP asset.
    correct me if I’m wrong.
    P.S. And sorry for my english 
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    XRPgoat reacted to Hodor in Sold all my XRP   
    Troll Level 1000 unlocked!   You almost gave me a heart attack @pucksterpete
    By the way, you should return the dog to the Dogecoin community. 
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    XRPgoat reacted to pucksterpete in Sold all my XRP   
    I sold all my XRP for Dogecoin & a truck!!!

    Na, no fuking way....Just petsitting the dog, but I did get the truck
    2018 & beyond will be huge for us HODLERS
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    XRPgoat reacted to WhentheBoat_ComesIn in Asheesh Birla announces that Ripple aregoing to bring xRapid to Market in the nrxt couple of Months   
    At the Payments Canada Summit on May 14th Asheesh Birla, Ripple VP said " ...with xRapid you can use digital assets; XRP is the one that xRapid uses to move money on demand instantly into Countries and this is a product that we're excited to bring to market in the next couple of Months..." From 5:48
    Assuming "couple" is 2 then by/from July we should see some significant price increases for XRP, especially if they announce some "big name" users at the same time - he also references Amazon in the clip! Add to that SBI VC going live around then and we could all be in for a glorious Summer! Here's hoping
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