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  1. In all due respect, I love Ripple, but who was behind the design of the logo? It just doesnt make any sense to me, and maybe someone can explain it to me, but it does look like a fidget spinner?
  2. While this is not directly connected to Ripple, but it could be down the line. https://www.investors.com/news/amazon-looking-offering-branded-checking-account/
  3. As Joel Katz said on Reddit 2 days ago: "This has been an amazing year and I think we've made great progress validating XRP's use case within RippleNet. We have the technology, we have the vision, we have the partnerships. The challenge for us is to maintain focus and keep executing. We're right at the point where our full vision is becoming reality." I think everything is happening sooner than Ripple may have envisioned...Regardless, when Joel Katz says we are at the point where our full vision is becoming reality, you know that reality starts this year. I feel like it's gonna be a wild fun ride in the coming months.
  4. Take a look at who Fleetcor's partners are...... http://www.fleetcor.com/our_business-america.htm
  5. That's the first time of heard of the NeuroBot. How accurate does it seem to be for those that has used it for a while?
  6. I'm still holding...got a second job doing Shipt grocery delivery, like Uber for groceries...not too bad...again, I appreciate the support
  7. I value my wife and family over XRP...what is killing me is I don't wont to sell my XRP because I know it is our way to a brighter future..I know we are so close, but yet so far in my situation
  8. I appreciate the input. Ripple truly does have the best community and supporters
  9. If XRP was all that you had left would you sell it? I know that XRP is going to take off soon. My wife wants me to sell it due to some tough financial times that we are going through. If I was to sell it now it wouldn't even help us that much with the price is at now. I've taken on extra jobs to try and keep it. I know I will regret it for the rest of my life if I do, but at the same time I don't have much of a choice. What would you do?
  10. I agree...there are numerous postings here daily that deal with a lot of the same topics that may have been discussed before. Regardless, we are all here mostly for the same reason, and there's no reason to crush someones excitement over good Ripple news.
  11. Ha..didn't see you had already posted the video
  12. Rumors have been flying around recently about a February 25th listing of XRP on Coinbase see this video from The Modern Investor below:
  13. According to this article Coinbase is adding Ripple, but I have only seen this in this article..take it with a grain of salt http://www.digitaljournal.com/tech-and-science/technology/ripple-rises-as-it-now-will-be-listed-on-coinbase/article/515166
  14. Coinbase is a joke. Coinbase is Blockbuster Video. Blockbuster was approached by Netflix in their infancy about what they were trying to accomplish, and were ignored by Blockbuster. We know how that story ended. What amazes me is how Coinbase is so far behind a lot of newer exchanges, coinbase doesn't stand a chance to survive..i give coinbase base 2 years if they don't adapt.
  15. Excellent as always Hodor....congrats on the Ripple Insights interview, nice read as well.
  16. You might want to go buy that domain name on GoDaddy before Amazon does..?
  17. I forgot about that...would it be easier for a company like Amazon to by bank outright or start their own?
  18. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/14/amazon-and-bank-of-america-partner-for-lending-program-but-growth-has-stalled.html Last I checked isn't Bank of America also partnered with Ripple? Pure speculating here, I have also heard that eventually Amazon wants to get into the banking industry. It seems Amazon in is almost every industry these days.
  19. XRPgoat

    Go Ripple Go!!

    It's been a great day..made this meme..RIP Chuck Berry.
  20. I got in late September...I think I got in around the 15-21 cent range...seemed to sit around that price for a while.
  21. Hodor could do this easily with a website, followers would be immediate in this space due to his huge following ..just putting it out there. I just feel like we need a mainstream presence.
  22. I would love to help counteract these **** articles
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