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  1. Found it thanks to Dr Trump:
  2. Exactly, get rid of the middle man...I pay for Netflix monthly, but I rarely use it. I should cancel it, and some people want subscribe because of limited time. So, what if I am only charged for the time that I use it for , and that goes for any subscription service.
  3. I am not speculating on links to these companies...I am only stating that these are the companies that Coil is following themselves on Twitter right now.
  4. Stefan Thomas stated somewhere recently about subscription services. He stated how instead of paying a monthly premium to these services, you pay for what you use as you use it through micropayments...I will have to dig to find this...give me a bit
  5. Okay, so Coil just recently got there Twitter page up and running. Coil is about micropayments which according to the statement will first produce a flat-rate subscription for consumers which will allow them to support creators, breeze past paywalls, see less ads, and unlock additional features and content. With that said, Coil is following only 38 on Twitter, some of which are of course the Ripple team. The others they are following interestingly enough are Netflix, Spotify, Hype Machine, Vimeo, Soundcloud, and Omni of course. You guys no where this going right?
  6. Voted on it this morning...we are up 2 percent over Litecoin for now
  7. XRPgoat

    XRP community night

    Check out Twitter...there were a lot more than staff members there. There were some great pictures and it looked like a lot of fun.
  8. It is tough sometimes, but patience is key. There were many months last year where the price of XRP was around 15 to 25 cents, and then boom it happened. I expect another boom this year, and I believe it will be even bigger. Those poeple you speak of giving price predictions are big time players that are seeing things that we can't even imagine with the institutional money that is gearing up to come into the market. When Dan Morehead of Pantera capital speaks about price predictions...I listen. Hold strong.
  9. https://www.federalreserve.gov/newsevents/speech/brainard20180515a.htm
  10. XRPgoat

    Chamber of Digital Commerce and Ripple

    Nice work @KingsAndQueens
  11. Nice job chewie...amazing, that even 10 percent of last year puts us at 47..totally, doable
  12. XRPgoat

    I just got shadow banned on Twitter

    I've been shadowbanned off and on Twitter. All you can do is wait it out...take a break..I think the bans have to do with cryptocurrency in general with a harder lean on XRP supporters