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    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hi Bob, It has been a while since I have been on XRPchat. I have been seeing this thread pop up in my Twitter feed which brought me back here. I am completely blown away after reading it. I just wanted to say thanks for your insights. Cheers. JT
  2. Haha, I dont think Miguel has read it Hodor. It would be an honor.
  3. To Be A Fly On The Wall Being a fly myself, I have heard the saying "To be a fly on the wall" my entire life. My species only lives around 30 days, and I am currently on day 29 of my life. As you see, I don't have much time left to accomplish what many of my fellow flies who lived before me have accomplished. The saying "To be a fly on the wall" is not just an expression for us flies, but it is a life goal, an accomplishment that every fly wishes before they pass on. A fly only earns this saying by hearing something truly amazing, confidential, or something that will be truly groundbreaking. To overhear something truly groundbreaking has only happened a few times in this world by us flies. It is said that a flie's antennae will pulse, and that the fly will get a euphoric feeling when they are about to earn this saying. I get excited thinking about it, but I only have 1 day left to accomplish this before I move on. Everything that every fly hears is passed down from generation to generation to every fly. I know so many truths to so many stories that apparently are still unanswered to this day. I could tell you all sorts of crazy things you humans don't know like what happened to Jimmy Hoffa, who killed Tupac/Biggie, do aliens exist, did Tom Brady really ask to have his football deflated, Marilyn Monroe, the Illuminati, and yes, I even know the true identity of who created Bitcoin. I could go on, but I don't want to bore you with answers to all of these things. All of this secret information crammed in my little head is probably why us flies don't live long and certainly do not speak. A few days back, I found myself flying through an open window on 315 Montgomery Street in San Francisco. It was some sort of fancy office, and it's this office wall that I am resting on right now. It has been a pleasant stay with some interesting people running around, but nothing yet that has given my little antennaes a tickle. Just when I was about to give up on this place, a man excitedly came busting through the door whom I had yet to see the whole time I'd been here. This man had a giant chocolate chip cookie in his mouth, and was yelling something about a G10 currency and global adoption of something called XRP. Some guy named Asheesh laughingly says "Of course, Miguel only buys one cookie for himself and no one else". There was a guy they were calling Joel who was picking everyone up and hugging them. Some guy with one of the greatest beards I had ever seen in my life was running around high fiving everyone, but I didn't catch his name. A white haired gentlemen they were calling Chris stood nodding his head in approval and he said "We always knew this day would eventually come". With all of the excitement, I almost didn't notice that my antennae were pulsating and the most amazing, euphoric feeling had rushed over me. It was such an amazing feeling that I didn't even notice that I was no longer on the wall, but on this guy named Miguel's cookie. Miguel didn't seem to care because he ate the cookie with me on it as if he had been longing for this cookie and this moment forever. This was also the moment that I had been longing for too so, I didn't even care that he had eaten me. This was truly a groundbreaking moment, and I had earned the saying "To Be a Fly on the Wall" in the greatest way possible. This achievement would be passed down from generation to generation not by just flies, but by all of humanity for years to come.
  4. Exactly, get rid of the middle man...I pay for Netflix monthly, but I rarely use it. I should cancel it, and some people want subscribe because of limited time. So, what if I am only charged for the time that I use it for , and that goes for any subscription service.
  5. I am not speculating on links to these companies...I am only stating that these are the companies that Coil is following themselves on Twitter right now.
  6. Stefan Thomas stated somewhere recently about subscription services. He stated how instead of paying a monthly premium to these services, you pay for what you use as you use it through micropayments...I will have to dig to find this...give me a bit
  7. Okay, so Coil just recently got there Twitter page up and running. Coil is about micropayments which according to the statement will first produce a flat-rate subscription for consumers which will allow them to support creators, breeze past paywalls, see less ads, and unlock additional features and content. With that said, Coil is following only 38 on Twitter, some of which are of course the Ripple team. The others they are following interestingly enough are Netflix, Spotify, Hype Machine, Vimeo, Soundcloud, and Omni of course. You guys no where this going right?
  8. Voted on it this morning...we are up 2 percent over Litecoin for now
  9. Check out Twitter...there were a lot more than staff members there. There were some great pictures and it looked like a lot of fun.
  10. It is tough sometimes, but patience is key. There were many months last year where the price of XRP was around 15 to 25 cents, and then boom it happened. I expect another boom this year, and I believe it will be even bigger. Those poeple you speak of giving price predictions are big time players that are seeing things that we can't even imagine with the institutional money that is gearing up to come into the market. When Dan Morehead of Pantera capital speaks about price predictions...I listen. Hold strong.
  11. https://www.federalreserve.gov/newsevents/speech/brainard20180515a.htm
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