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  1. You're clearly showing your intelligence. Clearly a thicko American.
  2. Does it really matter? There's no promotion or relegation in these 'league tables'.
  3. A stopped clock is correct twice per day... This riddler is a 14 year old boy that has stolen his foster parents' credit card to buy 20 XRP. As for Sam I Am. What a clown.
  4. I live and work in Malta. The government want to be the "blockchain island" but nothing is really happening (even Bank of Valletta has blocked exchange deposits & withdrawals). Binance and a few other exchanges are meant to be moving here, but unless they've done it and not told anyone their location, then it probably hasn't happened. There has been two conferences and that's about it. I've only seen one or two jobs mentioning blockchain and absolutely zero mention of XRP and/or Ripple. iGaming is still the government's bread and butter right now. The country is struggling to cope with all the iGaming staff living in the more central areas; if blockchain companies start moving here then we're seriously going to struggling for apartments. In 6 years a two bedroom in Sliema has gone from €550 to €1500 pcm. Half of that is not far away from the minimum wage. There are other, cheaper places on the island but the infrastructure and roads are generally ****. For such a small island, it can take two hours to get to the main tech hubs due to rush hour traffic. Bet365 are planning to bring 100s of staff over from Gibraltar as they relocate. Entry level and non-iGaming workers just can't afford rentals these days.
  5. Anyone doing analysis is silly yet you make two unsubstantiated predictions? Cunny funt
  6. Religion in a crypto forum? Calling people bigots? Have a word with yourself.
  7. That's some good stuff Clinton's smoking - he sounds wired to the moon.
  8. Looks like a huge surge in volume. Very similar to the other week. It also seems to kick off around midday time (Europe / UK).
  9. Yep, if you buy or trade XRP in Korea and Japan on a public holiday you bring shame to the family. ?
  10. I listened to spiegel and didn't buy for a few days... and this happens! He knows the score.
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