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  1. https://blog.circle.com/2017/06/14/free-cross-border-payments-european-growth-product-features-and-new-services/ does Circle has/need/use a proprietary currency to make the transactions, like Ripple has XRP? ...
  2. I agree that there are many information that they should not disclose because of their competition, but the use of XRP is not one of them.
  3. Interledger is used to connect ledgers, it is not the permissioned ledger used by banks. What they use is probably a modified Ripple, and I would like to know if they removed this "each transaction must destroy a small amount of XRP" requirement.
  4. Yes, graine, it makes no sense. That is why I asked, just to make sure. Are you a Ripple employee? I would like to have a confirmation by a Ripple employee or an Interledger link.
  5. It was the first time I saw an explanation that the Ripple permissioned network used by banks don't need to use XRP. I think it should be wise to make this more clear on the Ripple website, because many people that work for financial institutions (like myself) and are investigating blockchain technology, think that to use Ripple you have to use XRP. So when they see another company that "promise" to do the same thing, but does not require the use of crypto-currency that is totally controlled by one company, and they have no idea of how the distribution of this crypto-currency works, then it makes the choice easier. I don't know why SWIFT chose Hyperledger. Maybe it was because it's backed by IBM (almost all major banks use IBM mainframe), or maybe it was because with Ripple you have to use XRP (what they thought). Like here: https://ripple.com/build/transaction-cost/ "To protect the Ripple Consensus Ledger from being disrupted by spam and denial-of-service attacks, each transaction must destroy a small amount of XRP." Is this requirement also true for the permissioned network, or this requirement was removed?
  6. SWIFT gpi settles the same day if the members are in the same time zone. SWIFT gpi + hyperledger is scheduled to go live in 2019.
  7. Currencies are already digital assets too... XRP is just a new one. Every time you pay with credit/debit card, or transfer money using your smartphone for example, you are not using cash ... XRP doesn't solve the problem and it's pretty irrelevant, because you would still need to exchange it for dollars, euros, ... And as you said, forex costs would still exist, and would be charged by Market Makers. The good thing is that it is another competitor, and competition lowers the price for end users.
  8. An article by Marjan Delatinne comparing Swift GPI and Ripple would be awesome
  9. and what about the people that mined Bitcoin in 2009 =D we already do have fast global payments. Ripple would need to be cheaper than Visa, Mastercard, ... Now for international transfers it is another story. But do we really need fast international remittance? How fast? same day? same hour? Ripple does improve a lot over Swift! and this is good
  10. Do the banks that Ripple is trying to work with know this ...
  11. It's a debt for whom is owning the IOU. "A company's IOU is counted as an asset on the balance sheet because another party owes that company money or goods." Read more: IOU Definition | Investopedia http://www.investopedia.com/terms/i/iou.asp#ixzz4cwT9LMKj Isn't it Ripple suppose to work based on trust ...
  12. =) easy money, but not so easy to do (so maybe not easy money) Because the guy had his merit to convince a lot of people to buy a currency that worth nothing. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=146964.msg1565501#msg1565501 Yes, some bad things end up being good things. If the guy had been hired by Facebook when he tried, he would never have created Whatsapp! https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=146964.msg1562683#msg1562683
  13. Of course it's an asset. It will be an asset for market makers, an IOU. In your example an US bank send 100 dollars that should be converted to peso to a Mexican bank. The market maker trust the US bank, so it accepts 100 IOU + 1 IOU (fees) from this bank.
  14. It's an interesting point, but it is not just "one" party. Market makers compete between them. People would choose the lowest cost path.
  15. why micropayments cant happen on ledger? how much is a micropayment? less than what?
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