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  1. This, it seems now 1 thread between hundreds is filling the entire site
  2. For me if an article is published in NYTimes, Forbes, CNN etc, I dont mind who created the article or if is an external or inhouse contributor, the article is on your site, so you have published it. Period. That's my information consumer way to think.
  3. I know about what WU CEO said, but haveb't heard anything regardong Moneygram, did they say anything negative about their pilots??
  4. Thought it was third-fourth event. Thanks for clarification.
  5. for the oldest of the place... has ever been any important announcement during the event in the swell history?
  6. This! I visit it from time to time and has been always FOMO paradise.
  7. I have read the entire thread just to see if someone made the easy joke... "Thats what she said" Very surprised none did lol
  8. Lol, so he is in deep red because he invites you for using the search function?? What kind of logic is that?
  9. Nah, I open tradingview, see a huge green candle and got really excited, first thing I do is open btc chart to compare, and of course same huge green candle. For a second I really thought SBI was doing his job. Oh well, lets keep waiting for our beloved decouple some day...
  10. I think a member started a thread no long ago with all bullish and bearish periods since crypto began. Longest was a bearish period of 2 years and 4 months or something like that.
  11. What a ******* masterpiece! A must read for any crypto investor. Love galgitrons articles.
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