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  1. Jas, right on bro. I have been using the WP plug-in this far but it comes in quite shy for actual use at the moment. I just had to deactivate as it conflicts with several other basic WP plugins.. I did reach out to the COIL Team, Ripple, and Brad G-dawg on LinkedIn and twitter, yet got no response, Thus my need to reach to the community. It was just pre-SWELL 2019 to be forthright. If anyone here can help to get me in contact I have a much bigger idea for payments using XRP but would need to Ripple or a backer to get it to market. I can go into one more detail but w have to do the NDA/NC thing I will check out the links you mentioned. I'm not sure how well (pre auth or set aside funds) would work (not that it wouldn't), isn't that pretty much setting aside funds.. All in all we are looking to rid nostro vostro accounts as a creation, I believe the ledger and BlockChain have the unrealized ability to do just that. Ie; Past trans, a separate active wallet with a ballance just greater than or equal to the transaction, a third party CC or CC like BlockChain creation that taps into actual credit score/commerce trust. Credit Karma, are you listening? I would think this would be a pretty high priority yet understand the lazer focus is on the banks right now. Say projects we do for Walmart, They need us to order product c,d. For project A The techs installing product c,d need payment before project B. They also sold a new product E on project A. CC companies don't look at the full picture, banks do and would loan the company Fiat for project A. From start to finish the biggest problem I have seen is that nothing is stremlined and there is no trust. The transfer from Walmart to company to purchase c,d,e then takes 3+ days the payment to product company takes 3+ the install is done but payment to installer takes 7-14. If we look at the project and had say a bucket that has the smart contract terms , everyone could pull directly from the bucket that was pre-authorized much faster cutting the red tape and address lack of visibility avail with current systems. I've no idea the capabilitys of smart contracts yet but imagine IoT AND IFTT can and will change this space alongside XRP and BC smart contracts. I got off on a tangent as I'm really interested in the software and hardware as I deal with both. Recouring payment over Block C is the focus of this but it goes deeper for actual use and I just felt the need to extrapolate at this late hr..
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