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  1. For some time now, news and developments that are related to Ripple [XRP] are taking place on a daily basis. XRP transaction speed of processinghas surpassed Visa transaction speed at a stunning double the rate – processing 50,000 transactions/sec while VISA reaches to 24,000 transactions/sec.
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/ethereumworldnews.com/amp/ripple-for-the-future-xrp-outclasses-visa-transaction-speed
  3. Ripple: Big Long-Term Challenges

    Brad G has been saying that they want to work with banks not against them. He mentions changing the system from the inside out.
  4. At Search Candy we believe it is important to be innovative in everything we do. As such, we are proud to be the first digital marketing and SEO agency in the UK/Europe to accept XRP as a primary method of payment.
  5. I agree and am going to pick up some more today. It's either a bargain or all of us holders are getting fleeced by a very elaborate scheme! Lol
  6. "Nothing is impossible, but going by Ripple’s wide popularity today, especially its enriched cross-border transaction technology, which Currencycloud, a company Google invested in, is also into, there is possibility they collaborate to bring out something viable. A Facebook-Google-Ripple collaboration should not be doubted. Only future will tell if it is possible or not."
  7. https://oracletimes.com/ads-ban-are-facebook-google-ripple-xrp-working-together-on-cryptocurrency-regulation/
  8. The show was lame. Coinbase's big announcement was that they are starting a mutual fund with the coins they have on their exchange. Brad G never even came on because CNBC covered breaking news about the Gary Cohen resignation.
  9. https://oracletimes.com/ripple-xrp-coinbase-rival-adds-xrp-by-credit-card-150000-stores-worldwide/
  10. I'm trying to understand the volume not the price though...