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  1. You have to figure eventually this information is going to snowball to the point the zerp can't be ignored. HODL is the key here if you believe that.
  2. Just buy as it goes down and you dollar cost average, as well as catch the bottom. If you were buying at $3, you certainly should buy at $1.25. Discount shopping now!
  3. Exactly. I hope 20 more people post the same link on this and other boards. The more posts, the more the word gets out. haha, get you those shoes!
  4. yeah, thanks. Everyone must have received the google alert at the same round about time.
  5. https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/ripple/xrp-price-prediction-new-korean-rules-spark-bullish-rally/
  6. I agree. Steps governments have made can actually be viewed as really good to legitimize cryptos, even if it's an obvious move to grab tax money after years of attempting to make cryptos illegitimate. I have this constant feeling/seemingly simple inference, all these talking heads keep talking b/c it hurts their own interests, whether it be Systems like SWIFT or otherwise where people stand to lose quite a bit of fees, leverage and so on. Many other typing heads are simply BTC lovers, et al.
  7. This made me realize something that is very simple... once everyone figures out what XRP is, how it ties in with Ripple, how it's changing so much on various levels, that is when the price shoots through the roof. This could be when several established companies come out strong behind it or when it's made extremely clear by an Amazon or Google or whomever that XRP isn't going anywhere and is necessary. There are many on here who explain what it is, how it works, etc. Once everyone sees just how powerful this is and how it's far superior to other options, other cryptos, how XRP and Ripple are positioned so that no other company can take its growing market share, and so on, moon time. Until then my friends... HODL.
  8. I personally think the 30 minute chart (see Bitstamp) looks pretty good. Take a look from 12/15-present. I agree it's healthy the way things are moving/not moving quickly. Strength in current +/- .20 (10%). Good stuff.
  9. I'm going to secure, then forget about things until 2025 and/or until someone tells me XRP is headed to $500... Then I'll go ahead and sell some.
  10. Buffet continuously has stated he does not invest in products he does not understand. He does not invest in tech, almost ever. He bought debt in a company which I cannot remember right now, that sent that stock soaring b/c of this stance. I take it as a non-issue.
  11. bitcoin.dmm.com - and here we see about $2.25 with the conversion usd/yen
  12. Yes 1.30 would be amazing; 1.80 was great!! Looks like we're getting a bump as I write this. Mixed feelings here...
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