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  1. Not amused Update - I fell asleep at my desk. In a dream, the ghost of a butterfly from the future whispered to me "the dollar hit 0 bitcoin". I wake up, people around me dabbing the blood from their eyes. Progress has been made but not enough. I crack my whip -- "we aren't getting to zero like this!". The flogging will continue until morale improves. Expect another update after I make my rounds. I'm sorry I've let you down.
  2. No but I had funds clear on coinbase and was trying to buy more this morning
  3. After this I will be moving the rest of my XRP's off Crakin
  4. It's going the wrong way Elmer, I wanted mmore @1.5
  5. A better screen name for you would have been Elmer, Elmer Fud
  6. With this news my guess for the 2 household names to be announced just got narrowed down to Paypal Western Union or Money gram The list of the top ten http://www.topteny.com/top-10-money-transfer-companies-world/ Oh and Coinbase inhales deeply, my send took for ever causing me to miss the dip
  7. Never worked with them, but how about Bono and the boys I worked for Stageco, and their motto works with Zerps "If you can imagine it we can build it" http://www.stageco.com/
  8. I was one of the Site Coordinators for the 96 Olympics as well as 13 years travelling with rock bands playing in stadiums I might be able to help
  9. I have been waiting on coinbase to send to Kraken since 5:45pm edit to add central time
  10. The breakers would be a better chice 1-7.87 2- retired, once upon a time I worked for a staging c in Belgium travelling the word with the likes of the Stones and Floyd (mid 80's till 2000) them whent to work running a sportfish boat in the Bahamas retired from that in 2012 3-I depends on the time of the year
  11. Slow but yes The service is under heavy load and performance is degraded. Upgrades coming soon
  12. Is it possible we could leave our musing on politics and the evils of the world and focus on the ZERPENING at hand
  13. https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/just-room-enough-island
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