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  1. Maybe this is what @SquaryBone refers to? See last paragraph at page 4 in document at link:www.justice.gov/usao-ndca/file/765721/download where it says: “This Agreement is binding on the Company and the Government but specifically does not bind any other federal agencies, or any state, local or foreign law enforcement or regulatory agencies, or any other authorities, although the Government will bring the cooperation of the Company and its compliance with its other obligations under this Agreement to the attention of such agencies and authorities if requested to do so by the Company. It is further understood that the Company and the Govemment may disclose this Agreement to the public.” Thoughts?
  2. https://www.reuters.com/article/legal-us-otc-ripple-idUSKBN2AG2MJ
  3. @Archbob @Ripple 1. Debeers does also produce and sell synthetic diamonds in a lab, and these are not natural. 2. It took resources (brain, time and coding and electricity) to produce XRP. 3. stamps are also created to provide a mailing service and transport tickets serve the same purpose. You do NOT hold a share in the future gains of the mail company or the transport company. You simply pay the ticket or stamp to use their service.
  4. https://www.ft.com/content/5bdec340-494c-11e9-bbc9-6917dce3dc62 Does this mean anything for ripple and xrp?
  5. I know Forbes has a very biased view against Ripple and XRP, and this is why I never lose time reading those articles. However, something caught my eyes this time, and gives a challenging perspective... https://www.forbes.com/sites/francescoppola/2019/02/10/there-is-no-such-thing-as-dormant-funds-in-banking/#709a251f5aef Is this true? And if so, what would be Brad's reply to this?
  6. Hi all Happy for my post to be moved somewhere else. My question is: in the past, Ripple Chart website used to report the number of accounts, and also a plot showing how many accounts had been created, but this number/plot is not anymore available... Any idea, where to find it? It was really useful to get an idea of the total XRP accounts...
  7. Did I get it wrong, or Ripple payment volume is now on 600 million USD, while few weeks ago it was at no more than 40 or 50 million USD? Is this because the 75 banks are operating on the ripple payment network?
  8. Makes sense, thanks @cmbartley Yet, I believe my point remains valid: moving the counterparty risk from a currency to a gateway is not equivalent to eliminating counterparty risk. Two ideas: 1.Ideally (maybe I am wrong), the concept of wallets should be loosen up, so that I can trade Snapswap EUR into anything else, and get real money back. In fact, money cannot be destroyed: when I moved 1300 EUR to RockTrading, I gave an order to my bank to move them there. If someone ripples them to Snapswap via rippling, that does not destroy them: they are still there and it just means that Snapswap should pay them back. I understand I would need to star a legal action vs Snapswap to recoup my money or equivalent assets (maybe their chair, or keyboard) as collateral of my cash... 2. Alternatively, would there be a way that a list of broken gateways is maintained, and Ripple or the other gateways block the bankrupt gateway, so that no one can send them money anymore, once they are declared bankrupt or unsafe, but only withdraw (maybe my idea is incorrect, so bear with me)?
  9. Got it, @enej and @ripplerm thanks. @enej As a result of that same bug, I have now a wallet showing a balance of -18.10 EUR: rGcQo3R21J8BpextdCS1KNhweUJht6c8Pv EUR I am not responsible for the bug either, so can that negative balance be cancelled? Thanks
  10. Well, it seems I was one of the lucky guys who was affected... happy, if you look at my private inmail, where I described things in more detail.
  11. @Xi195 Thanks again, I followed instructions by Joel Katz in the thread you mentioned, and managed to enable rippling (by myself, not because of a bug), so that EUR would be swapped from Snapswap EUR to Gatehub EUR wallet. All euros are back to a real wallet (Gatehub wallet). However, when I raised the issue with Ripple and Gatehub: Gatehub did not reply at all; Ripple, instead, confirmed this is a potential case of theft and invited me to fill in a "theft case" form. I do not think this was theft, but something related to a bug in their system (or Gatehub system). However, a question remains open: how protected would we be from other "bugs"? If the answer is: "We are not protected; we can use a gateway at our peril", then this negates the idea that Ripple has created a system where counterparty risk is eliminated, because the risk is simply transferred to the gateway that has the bug... Happy to hear thoughts.
  12. Thanks @Xi195 for the advice and help!! It happened a couple of weeks ago, that the unwanted rippling "kicked in" and affected me on my account in Gatehub. I do not think I enabled Rippling, when I extended trustline to Snapswap, so it should not be possible for anyone to pass me their Snapswap EUR, and take away my RockTrading EUR, using Rippling, or am I wrong? Here is the way I set the trustline to snapswap at that time, with this transaction: E19A625685D5836F2C02DE03AA73032AB26CCEF06ADCC25E17706209164EFE3F Would anyone be able to review, please, and give me some advice, whether the rippling was indeed enabled when I extended the trustline to snapswap? @ripplerm, maybe? I contacted Gatehub, but did not get yet a reply on this...: @enej maybe you can ask Klas Urekar from Gatehub support team to look into this? Can anyone please advice on the transaction above? @JoelKatz I apologize for disturbing so many people but 1300 euros are quite a sum for me. Thanks for the help in advance! Cheers
  13. Thanks Xi195! yes, i did some research last night, just to find that snapsawp is dead... Basically, I had some euros in RockTrading, and for some weird reasons it seems I also had extended trust to Snapswap and had enabled "rippling" option, so my eur were converted from RockTrading to snapswap. At this point my question is: how can i recoup the actual euros from snapswap? I deposited the money physically in the rocktrading, and then got "rippled" to snapswap, but the physical euros must be with someone, and I would like to get them back at their actual value... Thanks!
  14. Hey guys! Please, I am desperate, and feel stupid... I have an account with gatehub. I set a trustline to snapswap, where I hold a few euros; this is a hosted wallet. I then set a trust line on my ripple trading wallet to snapswap, and can move euros from the other wallet to the ripple trading wallet. However, when I try from the trading wallet to trade those euros (within snapswap) into XRP, it seems the EUR snapswap wallet does not appear as an option... How can I move euros from the hosted wallet to the actual ripple trading wallet? Thanks for the advice! Cheers!
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