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  1. ADA is already rocketing and they haven't even made their February announcements yet - also big roll outs coming in March. It is a thing of beauty.
  2. Not sure where you see the risk? Maybe start off small just to get comfortable with everything?
  3. Ripple's "Market Makers" making sure to avoid another exodus wave after a flippening or two.
  4. Staking via the Cardano software wallet is probably going to be easiest for you. You can just google or search youtube for 'staking ada with daedalus', but a quick summary from the top of my head: -Download and install daedalus wallet from https://daedaluswallet.io/en/download/. -Wait for blockchain to sync (takes a while the first time). -Create new wallet (remember to store password/seeds offline etc) -Transfer ada to your new wallet (pick one of the receive addresses under the 'receive' tab on the wallet screen) -Click on delegation center (2nd icon top left), and then cli
  5. Sure. Which part are you referring to exactly ?
  6. Remember to stake the ADA bought so you can earn some nice interest - cool thing is you can stake right from your Cardano wallet (and even a nano ledger hardware wallet if I remember correctly), plus your coins aren't even locked up once staked.
  7. "Delay is the deadliest form of denial."
  8. I think ADA price > XRP price now if I'm not mistaken
  9. And so it begins : https://twitter.com/IOHK_Charles/status/1341488069560725504?s=19
  10. Insightful video from Charles Hoskinson (Cardano) where he shares his thoughts on the matter : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5iL4qCHrRU
  11. Wow - firstly thank you so much for the comprehensive answer. It is much appreciated. Had a good chuckle at that. Anything but boring, and I do get what you're saying for the most part - or so I'd like to believe Yes, I hear what you're saying in regards to the tokens not physically being in the wallet, just meant that I should see the totals reflecting on that address when the application does a lookup to the network - meaning I should know that I've "received" the tokens. Ok cool, thanks for clarifying the fact that flare utilizes the same eth addressing standard althou
  12. Thank you for this comprehensive FAQ @BillyOckham. Just a quick question regarding the whole ETH address thing. Still struggling to wrap my head around it. I have a primary ledger nano s on which I have all my XRP. I've went and created/installed an Ethereum wallet on a secondary ledger nano s via the Ledger Live appplication. I then used my 1st device with xrptoolkit to sign the messagekey of my xrp account with the ETH address that I generated on the second device - with all the prefixes etc in the correct format. 1) Am I correct in assuming that once
  13. This exit strategy convo has derailed On the plus side, there is a pump in the xrp price
  14. Too many unknowns - I think hold for now and wait to see what transpires in 2018. $10 would be moon for me - but taking profit would all depend on what happens in 2018. My profit taking strategy would vary greatly if say we end 2018 on $2 or if for instance we hit $5 by mid-year.
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