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  1. if you give out a public address that you own, i.e. it's not on an exchange then they can see how heavy your bags are. You then open yourself up to a $5 wrench attack in the future. NEVER REVEAL YOU LEDGER NANO S ADDRESS EVER
  2. JustinS

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Did you meet Bearable Guy on your travels Bob?
  3. JustinS

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Has SBI VC gone live or have they been put on hodl until July 2019?
  4. JustinS

    Hi! I'm Bob

    There's me thinking The Schwartz is AKA Arthur, bang goes that theory.
  5. Its the sending of the tokens from one address to another that I am not sure one how to do.
  6. I used the following. . Now my ledger nano s is set up with the new wallet. ALV is sitting on the other wallet. ALV does not appear on the ledger nano s lists or on binance so how do I redeem these ALV coins or transfer them to my other ledger wallet. I don't want to be creating trustlines again either on the new wallet.
  7. Ok I took out all my XRP off the ledger nano s and created a trustline to that old wallet. I now have my ALV on this wallet. How do I move it from here to another wallet address? I can see the ALV in bithomp has been added but cause its added to this ripple wallet that has 20 XRP in it I need it moved cause I had to enter the words into the computer to create that trust line and those words as far as I am concerned are no longer secure.
  8. Would very much like this to work with the GBP instead of using SEPA as bank charges to get into EUR are rather extortionate. Also GBP has Faster Payments so buying XRP would be instant.
  9. Swift GPI is NOT a settlement solution. xRapid is. End.
  10. What's complex about it. XRP is not a security. Seems simple enough
  11. I have got Codius up and running now what do I do? It was more of a challenge to see if I could get it installed more than anything else. but now it's installed what do I do now?
  12. This is the reason stopping me selling with the hope of buying back in at a lower price. You never know whether you might get caught out doing that. That's why hodling is probably the best strategy. My dollar cost average is just under the dollar so it's negative just hope it rebounds soon.
  13. Another CB thread. In case you missed it in the other one. Funny as F...
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