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  1. Going on right now. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-06/watch-live-sec-cftc-talk-crypto-oversight-senate-banking-committee
  2. I'm in the EST time zone and I've noticed In the past couple of days all the coin have dropped in price overnight and pick up during the day. This may indicate that the Asian markets continue to sell off. Maybe the Bitfinex and Tether issues are triggering a sell off in those markets. Not sure though.... any ideas?
  3. Some of you guys really are a peace of work. Not all Negative information is FUD. And you just listed companies that have nothing to do with this. I've been trading for a couple of years now so I understand TA , currency pairs and how market data affect price action. I (unlike some of you) don't make price predictions because they sound good or keep my head in clouds dreaming about a lambos because of the stake I have in ripple. This game is about facts and the facts are that someone or some company may be using tether as a means to short or long Tether trading pairs. Now ripple is affected by this but should you sell if the market severely crashes? NO. Because ripple has a real case use and is setting up direct lines to fiat. So eventually it will disconnect itself from all the other coins and bounce back. So stop ******** on market data just because you don't agree with it. Markets don't move the way you want them too the move.... period.
  4. So I'm spreading FUD now Huh.... no, these are REAL concerns that affect all coins including XRP! I know FUD when I see it... these are facts!
  5. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-30/crypto-exchange-bitfinex-tether-said-to-get-subpoenaed-by-cftc
  6. You are right but no one is talking about it. Everyone is just walking by a dead body like it doesn't exist. And if you point it out "Well sell your crypto".... Why when one crypto goes down EVERYTHING goes with it? This isn't normal behavior. It is even more apparent this isn't normal behavior if XRP is already paired with a couple different fiat currencies. No one cares... they only care if the price gets to their sell point but we may be heading for a crash before that even happens.
  7. I didn't write this but I agree, something has to be done about Tether. Everyone keeps doing TA and Price predictions but if you know anything about Currency trading nothing about these charts look accurate. We are heading for an Iceberg people and all you guys are doing is counting chickens before they hatch. It is a real possibility that these coin will continue to crash.
  8. You guys keep creating Price prediction threads but these coins aren't going anywhere until this Manipulation stops.... Did you ever ask yourself.... with all this great news why haven't XRP moved up? Obviously we are being shitted on. But whatever.
  9. There is still MARKET MANIPULATION. There are coins that have nothing to do with each other showing the same chart patterns. I was trying to figure this out as well. TA works well with forex stocks or futures because there are clear signs that give direction, especially if you infuse it with Market data. But TA does't work with Crypto because of the pairs used and I believe Tether is the culprit. Tether is tying in the value of these coins with each other. This is why you will see BTC go down and everything with it. Give it time. Once the markets get regulated XRP will disconnect itself from the heard and will have a direct path to fiat. Once the dust settle you will see the real value of these coins, Then you will be able to properly use TA to make trades.
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