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  1. This article is a Google translation. I read in the Korean newspaper. Seoul Block Chain Meeting An Indian embassy staff attended. India will legalize cryptocurrency. India is preparing a law. The Indian prime minister will recognize cryptocurrency.
  2. I agree. xrp is well worth it. Do you know how much the transaction was from 2014 to 2016? The daily transaction amount was $ 400,000. There were many such days. It has increased a lot now. xrp does not always succeed. But it is worth taking an adventure. I think xrp will succeed. The reason is simple. There is competition in the world. If one partner uses xrp Other partners will use xrp. Why ? Because competition exists.
  3. I can not speak English. I live in South Korea. I continued to focus on reading articles in Google Translate. It has been 4 years since I invested in ripple and watched. Ripple trade closed. Only three gateways were closed in South Korea. It was a really hard time. But ripple has really grown a lot. Initially there were 50 employees. Now more than 200 people. There are many branches around the world. California, New York, Australia, London, Luxembourg, India, Singapore, China, Japan. . . There are so many offices. Ripple has really grown a lot. I think ripple will be the first in the near future. I think Ripple has not let go of time yet. I agree with the statement that the Internet did not happen overnight. Recently re-published I agree with the article. It is not a block chain. Interoperability is important. I agree that interoperability is important. I hope ripple will succeed. So I want to succeed too.
  4. http://www.sisajournal-e.com/biz/article/180461 southkorea newpaper
  5. I saw an article on the economy newspaper that I would use from the second half of 2018. Use xcurrent.
  6. My home. Southkorea Southkorea newpaper show. Wooribank. Shinhanbank ripple system Test success. 2018 second half introduce
  7. As I remember So far, the ripple homepage has changed about 3 or 4 times. In one of them . There was this saying. It is working with central banks in nine countries There may be a great thing we do not know.
  8. Are you afraid to read her writings? Go to the ripple homepage. Read photos and descriptions of Ripple's executives, directors, and ripple staff. Very nice and great people are leading the ripple now. When there were a lot of accusations about the ripple in 2015 and 2016, I entered the ripple homepage. On the ripple homepage, I read all the descriptions of Ripple's executives, directors and staff. I read a lot I read many times ..... Why would the price of xrp rise when such good people are in ripple? Thought.. Amazing people lead the ripple .... Recognize the executives, directors, and staff who lead the ripple. It will give you more confidence in your choice.
  9. I have been watching ripple since 2014. I am neither a computer programmer nor a computer. I bought XRP with the introduction of an accidental acquaintance and learned about the block chain since I bought it. In 2015 and 2016, there were many pessimistic posts about ripple. Nevertheless, ripple has continued to grow. So far, many people in the forums have changed. Many people left the forum ... There are many new people. Ripple has brought in amazing people and has partnered with global banks. Ripple is growing. But I think it will go through many trial and error. If ripple grows and succeeds, I think the price of XRP will rise Let's trust the ripple. And wait. When the price of xrp reaches my target, I will sell half of the amount. But I want to hold half of the remaining amount to the end. I want to see the success of ripple. I will wait and believe in ripple. continue....
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