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  1. They have technical issues that seem to have resulted in sell off of users alt's to bitcoin. I dont know if this sell off is related to this..
  2. Had to make 6-7 tries before getting in to Kraken, then punching buy, buy, buy like 10x before it went thru. Didnt have much fiat but all i had is now gone. And tomorrow i will see that the it has gone down even more hah. Well i continue with my "ihan sama/what ever" philisophy of investing. :-D
  3. Agree. We need new "blood" so to speak. And at the moment people looking at the crypto market from the outside dont seem to find it that tempting seeing the down trend. So all we can do is wait and see :-) and spend some more time doing something else than following the price and forums. Not necessarely a bad thing.
  4. You have a point there. I bought in at 0.16-0.20€ so i am in green and made some buys all the way to 1.95€. And just bought few hudred more today. In the beginning i was very stressed about the price dropping but now i have more and more embraced an "aivan sama / what ever" philosophy. I dont loose my sleep because of crypto anymore :-) We will see how this goes - joka laulaen tulee se viheltäen menee. :-D
  5. Diipa daapa ja karuselli pyörii. I feel that for the moment anyway crypto is one big circus where most of the time one can only take a seat and wait to see what happens. Tether, whales, pump&dump groups, FUD and FOMO, it's like names for circus acts ... Welcome to the circus ...
  6. Whales playing at Kraken.. jumped from .51€ to 0.57 inside a few seconds.. Now going back down again..
  7. What can i say - hit and sink. Lost a significant amount of XRP while trying to time the market yesterday when we were coming down fast and then the spike up came - now waiting with some fiat if it will come down some again .. but if anything positive came from this "experiment" it was the fact that this incident led me to evaluate how i have spend my time and my thought processes inside the last few weeks. My habits and priorities need to be re-evaluated - your comment on "not" having the time to pray was a necessary wake up call that just reinforces the thoughts i had last night. God Bless!
  8. Been there - done that. Never would have thought that checking the prices and following the market could be so addicting and at the same time cause such anxiety - depending on the situation. At times it has been hard to sleep and what is even worse is when you find your self trading/following the market also in your dreams. I have now had to take a step back and give some serious thought about how and why this has such an effect on me, and how it is affecting my daily life in ways that are not too healthy. Last night when i was thinking again thought of should have/would have after some sell's and buys that didnt quite go as i had planned and hoped for hours, i eventually thought that probably 95% of the population of this planet would be willing to trade my so called "problems" to theirs. I need to get some perspective to all of this to find my balance again. I have a long way to go yet but first step in recovery is identifying the problem as they say in ACA meetings - (Anonymous Crypto Addicts). I am fortunate to have an amazing wife, healthy children, food on my table and a roof on top of my head. It is strange and irritating how small and insignificant things can at times overwhelm one's mind so comprehensively and mask the truly significant and important things in one's life. Last night again when pondering these things i found myself praying to Christ to remind me how privileged i truly am and help me to obtain humble, steady and grateful heart and mind. I wish all of you fellow "addicts" all the best in your search for balance :-)
  9. If you are concerned about loosing then you could sell your initial investment worth of XRP now. If you jumped in at .20 then you will still have a nice amount to play with and no stress about loosing your initial investment.
  10. Sold my Lumens and Moneros few days before the last big crash and had the fiat ready and waiting -- used those to buy more xrp -- calculating the gains on those cryptos compared to the price when i bought xrp in the dip ended up to a average of around 0.27/xrp But now will just wait and see how things develop. I have invested also on couple other cryptos that i believe can generate nice returns in the future. But for this weekend i try not to check charts too much and spend time with the family. We just got about 35-40cm of snow yesterday so it is time to take out the sled's, make some hot coco and spend some quality time with the family enjoying the outdoors. Wishing everybody a peaceful and blessed weekend!
  11. Well the problem i see besides loosing profits is the fact that this market action will scare possible new investors from entering the market. So i dont expect any fast recovery when this is done - and who knows when that will be.
  12. Found info stating that if they cant get it to work by 22:00 UTC then they would roll it back to the old interface. Dont know how legit this info is thought.. I am also waiting for it to come back online -- went down in the middle of some trading action ...
  13. https://status.kraken.com/incidents/nswthr1lyx72 Here you go
  14. Helan går .. Thanks for the welcome speech hah. Been lurking in the shadows of this forum for quite some time, but now finally decided to "contribute"
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