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  1. Deal has gone through, majority stake in Uber for Softbank. https://www.forbes.com/sites/bizcarson/2018/01/18/softbank-closes-uber-deal/
  2. You can short the future market too..so those shorting a BTC future contract are quids in and will be liquidating ASAP. And then..
  3. We are way past 40% of the peak($2.90), hit at $1.74 so let’s hope it’s not going much lower than where it is just now.
  4. Maintenance running late, or they’re fuelling up the LearJet. https://status.kraken.com/incidents/nswthr1lyx72
  5. Depends if the DMM accounts are all verified, loaded with fiat and good to go. We shall find out soon.
  6. Just crunching some numbers. We can’t of course HODL forever. I had a dream...
  7. Newbie here, Merry Xmas one and all from Scotland. XRP hodler since July 2017, couple more purchases in the past weeks with mined profits(ZEC). good luck for 2018
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