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  1. I’m sure the likes of Binance with $150m worth wont be delegating it for a few months before making it available to their users. No, definitely not.
  2. Good summary but add 8) Some projects will have the capabilities for the NTF to be a unique character in a Metaverse for online gaming, airdrops to NFT holders for related “coins” to spend in said Metaverse etc. I am in one such project in its infancy of anyone wants a look - PogPunks NFT. broadly speaking that would be around th community feel of owning 1 of xxxxx NFT ever in circulation.
  3. Just to get a bit of FOMO going it looks like the ELS snapshot is on 21 OCT, not Q1 2022 as mentioned in their white paper. edit- airdrop is equal and not pro rata on your XRP balance, so “snapshot” is a bit of a stretch of that term. I guess you just need the minimum to keep the wallet active and the trustline reserve( 2 or 5 XRP, read conflicting on that)
  4. Nice and easy to claim the rewards in Bifrost, useful to also know that when you wrap those new Songbirds they automatically go into your existing delegation splits, no need to undelegate and set again.
  5. Have you tried with another provider, FTSO AU definitely works for me in chrome after I sign in to MetaMask in a Google chrome tab running alongside. alternatively, install Bifrost wallet on your smartphone and just send some SGB to that new address and delegate within that app. my MetaMask is not using ledger, was setup with an import key.
  6. Be never used Uphold but I don’t think that is a custodial wallet, sounds like you need to wait for Uphold to fully support Songbird to get your full stash allocated. Probably worth asking them. “We hold your keys so you don't have to worry about custody. Around 90% of our crypto is held in cold storage.”
  7. Over on the Flare club someone did post a comparison table, 14hours ago so probably needs an update. Maybe FTSO providers have an overall view to explain where that table came from
  8. The fact you see some SGB suggests you did it right. Would suggest you go to bithomp.com and put in your XRP address from your nano, that will also then show you what SGB and Flare you are elibigle for from your XRP balance at snapshot time from mid Dec 2020
  9. Yeah, just a current estimate for that time. It’s now 3.8% for me per my delegated burds
  10. Around 2.6% yield for me so far if I’m calculating it right - rewards / delegated amount x 100. FTSO AU and FTSO UK
  11. Nice analogy, I would maybe add in that’s it’s not totally free since you go get the gas fee when you wrap( and unwrap, I think). Stick gas fee as advising Joe the gambler to keep a buck or 2 aside for his bus home from the casino. 😀 BTW, it’s now 90 days to claim rewards, not 30.
  12. Yeah, it’s a little clearer now although I am still seeing goalposts shift…reward time scale is now up to 90 days from 30 days, so all good.
  13. Good clarity, so Tuesday would be a good day, any given week, to switch and delegate on a new provider. Maybe. Perhaps. Who knows.
  14. But you can’t claim till after the epoch being live for 7 days, which I think means you would miss the boat for the following epoch. Hence my staggered theory which is probably BS 😂
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