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  1. They also mention going to a compound called Cobalt. Later in the show, Greer calls Jack “Winklevoss” out of jest. Additionally, there is a scene set back in time, where the protagonist is being interviewed by bankers and he suggests that digital assets are the future, but is basically laughed out of the room. There might have been more examples, but I polished off a bottle of wine while watching the entire series in one setting.
  2. Sorry for highjacking the thread. I should have sent a PM.
  3. I have been lurking since Christmas Eve, which in crypto years seems like a lot longer. I figured I would finally join in the party and say hello to fellow HODLers. I first noticed XRP when it was around $0.18 and by the time I could figure out how to buy, it had shot up to $0.98. I kept buying on the way up and have been buying over the last several weeks, so my DCA is probably just under $2, which definitely puts me in the red. However, even though I missed out on the 36,000% party, I truly believe that the best is yet to come. This forum has taught me so much and I continue to read it incessantly. It has become my mistress that I just cannot leave alone. Along the way I have gotten to know some pretty interesting characters. I cannot even got to a country market without seeing a bull up front, decorative chickens inside, pickles for sale and antlers on the wall, without thinking about this thread. I want to thank of your for your contributions, the knowledge it has given me, the bullish and bearish predictions, the funny banter and even the occasional spats. We all come from different walks of life and while there are those I don't imagine I would agree with politically, we are united by the common goal and wish for XRP to achieve the success it is capable of. I forever missed out on posting in the original Zerpening, even though I read it from beginning to end, so I decided to put some words in this one because we will look back on this history one day and shake our heads at XRP being available for less than a dollar. Thanks again and HODL on!
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