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  1. I'm trying to find some place to trade some zerps to CSC. Solo isnt working today? Any other places?
  2. @RegalChicken Wheres the new zerpining thread? hah.
  3. Good Evening, @BobWay Hope you dont mind, I just added you on linkedin. Since we're both in Houston, when you're able to talk more about your new venture, lets do lunch sometime? I work downtown.
  4. My guess is...that, while Chris Larsen was a founder, now as executive chairman, he has a "consulting agreement" with Ripple, and they pay it out of XRP-II since it isnt an institutional payment/sale.
  5. Its absolutely the best. 2 years of no talking and mostly incoherent stuff is annoying because you cant feel who they are and their personalities. My daughter will be 3 in april and shes probably about perfect right now. Wish she wouldnt get older or younger.
  6. Truth. Last night was walk in, pick up trash 2.5 year old threw everywhere, go get changed out of work clothes, come back downstairs and 2.5 year old had smoked the joint up, change poopy diaper, down some cereal, build blocks with 2.5 year old, hold 6 week old while wife makes some chicken...its a blur till bedtime.
  7. I cant do that at my house...my wife is either pushing the 6 week old in my arms or the 2.5 year old is hanging onto my leg begging for something lol...I never make it to a counter to even put a phone on hah
  8. Bingo. Higher price = more desire = more adoption = more liquidity. Ripple needs all the liquidity they can get.
  9. This is actually hilarious. XRP will not get to $3 because there are just too many coins. also XRP has been at $3
  10. Thats just the current depiction from $0.006 to almost $4 and to where we are now lol...doesnt mean there cant be a relaunch
  11. you think we're bad...go look at ethereum...even more decoupled from btc than we are now
  12. Who is buying it first? http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1997/---3024096?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=february_dynamic_traffic#.Wph-zOjwaUm
  13. since we're on the phone topic. DO NOT use facial unlock or finger print unlock. Courts have ruled they can use those to unlock your phone. Keep it to a pin, pattern or password
  14. I could easily be used as an opening account balance. It could also be used as a record holder as they physically use the btc traded in the background. similarly, the money in your bank account is a place holder. Your bank is using your money to fund loans and other items in the background.
  15. My wife on Saturday "Hey, Id like this new couch for the living room." me "ok, I'll just up my partial xrp sell point to cover the purchase cost for ya." wife "aw, thank you."
  16. JPM exec mentioned they were still using it just last week at the yahoo crypto conference.
  17. JPM has publicly stated they developed quorum using eth for themselves.
  18. Hey guys...I need a link to a post, article or video explaining what xrp does to make transactions better via xrapid vs. xcurrent. Couldn't find one googling around. Got someone needing it.
  19. You cant just take XRP offline...youd have to control all the nodes, and they dont.
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