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  1. Hey president whats up with the 5 year thread?
  2. Thats the second post from you that i totally understand ??keep going
  3. Go buy 10 beers, drink them and look again then you might be able to see it?
  4. Hello, Anyone could provide some useful info how to buy csc and how to store them savely? Thanks in Advance
  5. Hey you did you already rebought or still waiting?
  6. Hi guys I enjoyed reading the club so what happened?Please enlighten me. Best regards falx
  7. i always read your posts with big enthusiasm but i think this one is a bit too negative, sure we corrected a lot, but i dont think we spend 2-3years in that low or even lower range, just think of all the good news that are coming in a continous way. nevertheless, keep up the good work best regards,
  8. Someone push it to 1.00euro, looks far better than 0.98.....
  9. Thanks mate. That is exactly what i meant. Best regards
  10. Hello guys, i somewhere read that you can check all your transactions when you enter your wallet adress at a specific website (something with bithumb i think..) Please anyone can help me out, cant find it anymore. thanks. best regards, falx
  11. Hi SGoldstein, What kind of kyc?what Limits? Would be awesome if you could share your knowledge with us. Best regards
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