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  1. After ripple labs found out you sold they stopped all their projects and let xrp die
  2. So over all the last few years they told us they dont influence the price but infact they unloaded shitloads of xrp on us retail Investors..then they have the chance to settle with the SEC but refused to do so (even when the fine is high it wouldnt matter- they got shitloads of money anyway from their sales)..so again they give a flying sh** on us retailers with the price dropping like a stone. Thats it for me wont support this Team anymore. Regards falx
  3. Hello folks, today i recieved the following email: -------------------------------------------------- New Logіn from Ukraine, Кіеv. Withdrawаl delауed. Nеw Ledgеr Nаnо X deviсe? Deаr XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, Did you try tо log into уоur Ledgеr aсcount from new Ledger Nanо dеviсе reсently? Nеw lоcаtіоn IP аddress: Вrоwser: Oреra Devісe id: ledger-3233371fеa6zfv814f Usеr agent: Мozіlla/5.0 (Windоws NT 6.1; Wіn64; x64) аppleWеbKit/537.36 Оperа/84.0.3987.163 Safаri/537.36 Nоte: Unusual асtivіtу on уour асcоunt. If уou аre not the onе whо tried to lоg in, plеаse саncel dеvісе authorization nоw іn уour ассount sеttings. Cаnсel Best regаrds, Lеdger Suрpоrt Тeаm. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- So i wonder if this is just another scam email? i already contacted ledger but didnt got an answer so far. any of you guys got the same? i never got an email till now from ledger... if anyone could give their opinion i would be thankful. best regards, falx
  4. Please give a short summary cant watch the video. Thanks
  5. Hey president whats up with the 5 year thread?
  6. Thats the second post from you that i totally understand ??keep going
  7. Go buy 10 beers, drink them and look again then you might be able to see it?
  8. Hello, Anyone could provide some useful info how to buy csc and how to store them savely? Thanks in Advance
  9. Hey you did you already rebought or still waiting?
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