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  1. How do you know Wales is behind this? Have you seen some leeks?
  2. I'm looking forward to CoinMetro (coinmetro.com) - a new exchange built on some decent FX trading experience. I've done my research and am invested to a modest level. I advise checking it out and drawing your own conclusions. Of course if anyone were wanting to buy into their coin (essentially their version of Binance's BNB) then feel free to ask me for my ambassador link!
  3. Absolutely no reference to your content mate (which I agree with) - I just wanted to put a quote from a wise man too.
  4. However wasn't Trading Places a movie where the victory was made by shorting? I'm surprised talk of it isn't banned around here.
  5. "Well man, that's just your opinion" -- The Dude
  6. Every forum of which I have been a part (and there have been a fair few since joining "westhamonline" in 1997) will always get to a stage where someone with a huge posting history will complain about newer people's behaviour and the "it's not as good as it used to be" line will get rolled out. This is usually untrue. All communities develop and change as the people within them do likewise. The respect that someone has generated for doing things a certain way for a certain amount of time might mean nothing to newer community members. As you say, high horses get knocked over and kicked about. Things are always different but rarely worse. This sounds like I'm some sort of chat site revolutionary; something that I am FAR too liberal and centrist to ever be.
  7. "In this house we don't mention the F word." (almost no-one will get this reference - but trust me, it's relevant and funny to anyone that does!)
  8. I'm not the type to report or cry to mother. Things can always be resolved by talking rather than grassing as sometimes it's just a misunderstanding (see above). But I think that little spat last week was more worthy of moderation than this rather funny thread. Anyway I realise it's your ball, not mine and I don't pay to play with it, so ultimately it's up to you and as someone that's moderated forums as well I respect that.
  9. It wasn't a multi-page discussion, it was you, the bull chap and one other person that mentioned it. Less than six posts. Actually your response was "Gentlemen, it would be really great if we keep politics out of this discussion. Especially things that none of us were alive to witness.?" I'd argue whether that was politics and why is it only an issue if I was to witness it? Are you suggesting it didn't happen? Are you suggesting I shouldn't point something out because I wasn't there? To be honest I wasn't looking to start a discussion then, but I take exception to Switzerland being portrayed as a wonderful neutral financially-savvy place when they were complicit in so much wrong-doing. In future I will keep such thoughts off this site as they aren't exactly things I think about every day nor dominate how I live my life and looking back it wasn't the time or place to mention it. If you want to stop someone going off-topic just say "actually mate this isn't the time or place for that subject" and I'd agree. I'm sure you can see that belittling the subject itself as you and that bull chap did is inflammatory though as is using language that some people may consider a little revision-y. I've since blocked the bull chap's posts but unlike those yours are interesting and funny so I am happy to move past what was hopefully just a misunderstanding and nothing more insidious. As you can see by what I post here I am all about the enjoyment of communicating with other people.
  10. The second rule is you don't talk about the Ma.... Oh no, wait. Sorry I was reading the first line again. The second rule is no smoking.
  11. We get scolded for posting slightly unbelievable and humorous theories of what's happening with Ripple yet elsewhere on this site people can openly tell us there is definitely a magic man in the sky that creates everything without them attracting any rebuke. Not to mention the time I was told to pipe down about the Holocaust because "it was in the past" and the moderators of this site did the square root of f*ck all to moderate that despicable filth. Anyway, what's the price today? CNY over yet?
  12. No-one is allowed to post wild conspiracy theories, even in quite obvious jest, until I blow this whistle.
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