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  1. Cryptomate. Peer to peer marketplace using faster payments between UK bank accounts.
  2. Friends reactiion...

    As mentioned elsewhere on here, I used to be into online casino bonus hunting. Almost everyone I told about it rolled their eyes, laughed, told me that the house always wins, it was a scam, I'd never see my money again etc. etc. Only my missus and one of my best friends trusted that I knew what I was doing and worked with me to get involved. Even when I was making £3,000 a month tax-free for doing nothing more than setting up autoplay on my laptop and letting it run overnight, most people still thought it was a big scam. Some that had moved on to accepting I was making easy money would then think it was beneath them or it would end in disaster eventually. There are a lot of people that live and die by the "if it's too good to be true..." maxim and hence it's only ever a small group that take the "easy" wins.
  3. I now have this stuck in my head.
  4. Rippled - Bearableguy123

    Bearableguy is an anagram of: Be a Yule grab (predicting the Xmas run) A ruby beagle (predicting the jewels to be won in the Year of the Dog) A buyer bagel (reminding us that we shouldn't forget to eat even when doing crypto stuff) The clues are all there if you look hard enough people.
  5. The Truth

    How many t-shirts?
  6. No worries. Having been reading this forum for the last few months I've never had any great wish to converse with you and after this little insight I really don't want to do. Good luck to you and all that.
  7. The Truth

    The old "edit and act innocent" is a classic Internet forum gag.
  8. Well then don't reply in the first place. Don't poke a hornets' nest then walk off whistling when they happen to get angry.
  9. Erm... no. And please refrain from suggesting such.
  10. The Truth

    That's a whole bunch of grapes there mate.
  11. Such as gold stolen from private citizens during a continental genocide...
  12. The Truth

    Psst... DD is doing what's known as "joking"...
  13. The Truth

    I hear the Bank of Brunei will be trialling Xcurrant - a direct order from the Sultana.
  14. The Truth

    I hope Xcurrant will lead to a raisin of the XRP price.