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  1. Thanks! $2 as a new baseline would be great! I just don’t see how prices wouldn’t grow exponentially if all those things happen.
  2. I bought in at ~.20 and have been an avid fan and follower of xrp and Ripple all around. I am by no means the smartest with markets and math but I still see insane potential. At the end of 2017 when we had seen substantial growth everyone was very positive for 2018 and had bullish predictions. Even highly respected members of this community were throwing out some big growth ideas for 2018. With the start of the new year the entire market has gone through some trials. XRP has been hit hard especially. With CMC taking out Korean average and it appearing for us to be crashing (to the uniformed populous). And with China and South Korea constantly having issues concerning crypto. A lot of things have led to what seems to be poor market conditions. But I truly do not understand how a couple minor "set-backs" now mean that xrp EOY is going to maybe only reach $5? I have had many conversations with my brother over price speculation, he thinks I am crazy but hear me out. I believe that IF we are accepted on more popular easier exchanges (like coinbase) so many more people will be able to buy in. Compared to other coins in the top 4 it is much much more difficult to buy, sell, and trade if you are not experienced with these things. I know I would not have been able to buy mine if it were not for my brother helping me. Also IF big names like Amazon and Western Union begin to partner with us our prices will have a large and consistent growth. If it is made easier to buy and we obtain huge partnerships why would this small market "set-back" stop us from reaching $100+ EOY? I truly believe that if all these things happen we could still hit that $250 EOY goal so many people believed in just a couple months ago. Brad Garlinghouse said Moneygram was the first in a marathon. I think we have big things to come.
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